Where Does Successful Video Content Come From?

November 29, 2018

Pre-Production: The Most Important Step in the Production Process

Video marketing will revolutionize your business, but an effective video strategy does not pop up overnight. In order for your marketing plan achieve your business’s goals, your video team first needs to learn about what makes your company unique, and work with you to decide the best way to present your brand. 

Placing emphasis on the pre-production process, and specifically the discovery session, will result in the most creative and effective final product.

Step 1: Let’s Get to Know Ya

Your marketing strategy and its ultimate effectiveness relies upon the goals defined by your business and the effective communication of these goals between your content and video teams.

  • The first step of any productive relationship is a Discovery Session. The discovery session is similar to the first date. During this meeting, the producer will ask a series of questions designed to help define the competitive advantages and personality of your business — these questions range from popular products to company spirit animal.
  • Understanding your business’s culture, current marketing strategies, and audience demographics is essential to everything that is created to help lead your customers throughout the video marketing journey.

Step 2: We Design a Custom Strategy

The Creative Brief is where the video marketing plan takes shape. This document details how to use different types of video to strategically achieve your desired results. Every creative brief is different, as every company is different. A B2C firm needs a very different video strategy than a B2B firm, just as a regional company needs a different strategy than a national firm. Never expect the first version of the creative brief to be the last. A great video firm will always listen to your feedback and work together to create the perfect recipe for success.

Step 3: We Crush It

Well-done video content doesn’t magically appear out of thin air. Pre-Production is the crucial first stage that consists of:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Audio-Visual Scripting
  • Location Scouting
  • Storyboarding
  • Production Schedules
  • Casting

YouTube Creator Academy has a useful lesson on pre-production that helps to explain how every piece of video content has its own set of needs that must be considered before ever pulling out a camera.

What’s Next? Production

Pre-production is just the beginning, but it sets the tone for the entire project. When you have a solid pre-production plan, you can rest assured that the rest of the video production process will go smoothly. Want to know more about the process? Check out some blogs on production, post-production, and video marketing strategy.

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