What is a Video Marketing Strategy?

July 24, 2020

Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy

First of all, what is a video marketing strategy? It’s a tailor-fit strategy to help reach your target audience and achieve your desired business goals with video. With so much video content on the internet, ensuring your video doesn’t get lost in the chaos means creating a marketing strategy that fits your video production

A video is only as successful as the digital strategy behind it.

What does it involve?

There are three main parts to the video marketing strategy process. Research, planning, and implement.


Research your personas, what platforms they like, and what kind of tone they resonate with. If you sell to VPs of Marketing, LinkedIn is your main platform. If you sell to millennials, your main platform may be Instagram. The former resonates with a professional tone while the latter is more open to a fun, casual tone.

Research what companies you admire and companies in your industry are doing. Gathering pieces of content that inspire you and pay attention to what seems to be performing well for them.


Planning a marketing campaign around your videos, or implementing them into existing campaigns, will create a larger impact.

Plan what social media platforms you’ll post the videos on, how the videos will fit within email cadences, and where they’ll live on your website. If you will be running paid advertisements, plan where on your website those will lead back to.


Now that you have established your personals, platforms, and plan, it’s time to do the dang thing!


You can have the most highly-produced video in the world, but if it’s collecting virtual dust out in the black hole that is the Internet, it’s not helping achieve your business goals. A video marketing strategy helps you get the most out of your video content.

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