Optimize Video for Facebook

Facebook is an incredible marketing tool for any business, but optimization is key to getting the most out of your Facebook videos. When a video is created, this is not the final result, it’s just the beginning.

Style Your Customers With Video

We all need a little help with fashion sometimes. Show your customers how to style your clothes by using video! Mud Pie’s “Style This” series is a great example of providing value to your customers while helping you sell more product.

Healthcare Industry Video: A Vlog

Video aids in developing trust AND humanizes the people behind the white coats. In the twenty-first century, video is vital for every industry, and healthcare is no exception.

How Evoshield is Creating Champions with Video

Evoshield customers were frequently making mistakes fitting their new gear, and since Evoshield has a perfect fit guarantee, they were constantly giving free replacements. The fitting videos helped their customers see how to fit the product instead of glancing at printed directions- thus causing fewer mistakes, fewer replacements, and less money lost.

Video Marketing Strategy

A video is only as successful as the strategy behind it. You can have the best video in the world, but if it’s collecting virtual dust out in the black hole that is the Internet, what good is it?

Video Production: The Video Production Process in 5 Steps

The video production process requires extreme attention to detailed. In a fantasy land, we could just point a camera at our subject and everything would turn out looking amazing. However that’s just not how it works on planet Earth in the year 2018.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Increase Sales with Video Marketing

Generate Awareness

Show off your company
Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Expand Visibility with Video Marketing

Develop Interest

Show off your goods
Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Activate Your Audience with Video Marketing

Build Trust

Reinforce credibility
Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Increase Sales with Video Marketing

Create Champions

Provide continuous value