[ step five ]


The story has been written, the footage has been filmed, and now it’s time to put all of the pieces into a polished, final video. While this is the final part of the creative process, we still need your continuous feedback to ensure that the final product matches your vision.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Increase Sales with Video Marketing


Our team collaborates to build the foundation of the videos.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Increase Sales with Video Marketing


The first cut is ready for your eyes and feedback.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Activate Your Audience with Video Marketing


Leave notes directly on the video using our revision software platform.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Expand Visibility with Video Marketing


All feedback is incorporated into a second revision of the video.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Expand Visibility with Video Marketing


Once approved, the video will go through color, audio, and graphics polishing.

[ step one ]

Internal Edits

Our internal team goes through at least three rounds of revisions before we share the first cut with you. This process allows us to get our entire team involved, and deliver you a powerful and a polished first cut.

[ step two ]

External Edits

The first version of your video has been born and now it’s time for you to see it! We encourage extensive feedback during this early stage because this is the part of the process when drastic changes can be made without delaying timelines. There are a few things you should know about your rough cut.

What to Expect


In these first cuts, the footage will not yet be color-corrected. Color-correction takes place once the edit has been approved to avoid spending time color-correcting shots that may be replaced during the revisions process. This also includes brightness, which will be adjusted later in the process.


The first cut of the video will contain an audio watermark. It will sound something along the lines of ‘Premium Beat Dot Com’ or ‘SoundStripe’, and will be heard in the background of the music. We never license the music until it has been approved, so expect to hear this watermark during the rough cut. 


Titles & graphic animations tend to slow down the speed of our editing software. For that reason – graphics are added only once the general cut of the video has been approved and the video has moved on to the finishing phase.

[ feedback process ]


Creative, specific feedback is always highly encouraged. Our goal is to make the revision process as easy as possible, which is why we utilize and an amazing platform called Frame.io This process allows for a seamless feedback process. We send you a link and you leave comments. 

Types of Feedback


Helpful feedback provides clear and direct guidance to our post-production team. Try to include clear and concise recommendations for what you would like to see.

“Can we replace this shot of x with a shot of y?”

“Can we try music that’s more upbeat and fast-paced?”

“Let’s try…”


Not-so-helpful feedback does not provide clear and direct guidance to our post-production team and slows the progress of your project. Try to avoid framing feedback in the form of questions or providing unconstructive statements without recommendations.

“I don’t like this shot”

“I don’t like this music”

“Should we…?”

You know what they say – read the manual! Review the Rough Cut Expectations above to see why these comments make you look silly.

“I keep hearing something that sounds like Premium Beef Dot Com. Why?”

“This shot is too dark. Can we brighten it up”

“Can we add his name and title?”

[ step three ]

Revised Cut

After we implement your feedback, we will send you the next version of your video. At this point, the goal is to achieve ‘Picture Lock,’ meaning that it is time add the finishing touches. Once ‘Picture Lock’ has been achieved, we will proceed to color correction, motion graphics, and audio mixing. If we do not hear any negative feedback regarding the background music, we will assume that you are happy with the selection and will license the audio track.

[ step four ]

Final Cut

At this point, your video should be final. If you’re happy, we’re happy. If there are still some minor tweaks to be made, we will be sure to take care of them for you. As we are finishing up this video, we will package together additional assets such as images, GIFs, Subtitles and more. We will bundle those together into a Google Drive link, which you will learn more about in the next section- Success.

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You have your video! Now what?

It’s time to implement your Video Marketing Strategy.

If at any point you have questions…
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