Our editing wizards are working hard to bring your video together.

We need your feedback to ensure your vision is being fulfilled. We put this page together to walk you through the post-production process and what to expect.

Step 1- Internal Reviews

Your video undergoes an extensive internal review process before it ever gets to you. There are script edits, b-roll placements, music selections, and 2 rounds of internal edits. 

Step 2 – 1st Cut

The 1st cut (or “rough cut”) is what will be sent to you after internal revisions. This version of your video contains placeholder music with a watermark, is not yet color corrected, and won’t have animation or lower thirds. This is where your project is still extremely moldable. If you don’t like the music, pacing, general feel, specific shots, etc. this is the best time to tell us. When suggesting changes, it is always helpful to give a solution (example- “I don’t like this shot here, can we replace it with X?”). Creative, specific feedback is always highly encouraged

Step 3- Revision Process

How do you provide this creative feedback? With the awesome platform You will receive a link to your video on the platform where you’re able to give feedback at specific time stamps.

Step 4 – 2nd Cut

The 2nd cut of your video accounts for all requests and comments on the 1st cut. This version still won’t have color correction, purchased audio, or animation.

If you’re happy with the 2nd cut and sign off on approval, we’ve achieved “picture lock,” which means your video is locked in place and it’s time to color correct, mix audio, and add animation! If you’re not happy with the 2nd cut, we go back to step 2, rinse, and repeat until you are delighted with your project.

Step 5- Final Cut

This is where your video gets color corrected, logo animation, audio purchased, mixed audio, animated graphics, and lower thirds. Once we reach the final cut, it’s time for you to receive your finished video!

Your video is on the way! What’s next?
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