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Mercedes-Benz Stadium Private Events

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is not only home to the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United, it is also a premier event space for the city!

This Mercedes-Benz Stadium Case Study outlines the video marketing strategy we created for the MBS private events team to help them drive sales and close deals.

It involved one video overviewing the event spaces, five videos highlighting one specific space, a customer testimonial video, and campaign optimization tools such as social media video formats, GIFs, and still images.

Overview Video

The Spaces Overview video was the first video we created with the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Private Events team. This video shows off all of the event spaces MBS has to offer and is perfect to send to a potential client in the beginning of the buyer’s journey.

This involved three production days.

Spaces Videos

The individual Spaces Videos highlighted five of the most popular event spaces at MBS. When a potential client is farther along in the buyer’s journey, these videos can be used to drive conversion.

These videos required no extra production days because it’s cut from the footage captured from the Overview Video.

Customer Testimonial

FinTech South, an annual event put on by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), was hosted at Mercedes-Benz Stadium this year and we were there to capture the fun.

Customer testimonial videos help build trust between MBS and their potential customers while also delighting their current client, TAG, by featuring them in a video.

This required one production day and included supplementary b-roll from the initial production days from the Overview Video.

Social Content

Optimization tools, including different video formats, were provided to help the videos perform as well as possible.

We created a short, portrait video for Instagram Story and square videos for social media. 

GIFs & Still Images

GIFs and Still Images were also provided as optimization tools.

The MBS private events team uses GIFs in email to drive more traffic to their videos.

Because all of our video is shot in 8K resolution, we can create extremely high-quality still images from the footage. These images are perfect to use on social media, website, and email.

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