How To Make Videos Without Production

August 31, 2020

Videos Without Production

Doing business during a global pandemic has warranted a few creative changes to the way we make videos. One thing that hasn’t changed in the last several months is the need for video. So we had to get creative making video content that didn’t require any production.

Many videos we created, especially during shelter in place, were fully animated, used Zoom recordings or used previously captured footage.

Zoom Recordings

The world has become accustomed to seeing co-workers, friends, and loved ones’ faces via Zoom. Using Zoom has become a natural way to capture interviews and testimonials. When paired with custom, sleek video branding, the video comes to life in a relatable but professional way.

Recently, Achieve Atlanta, a non-profit that helps high school students earn post-secondary educations, celebrated its five year anniversary. They wanted a video highlighting what they do, their graduates, and their sponsors.

Fully Animated

Fully animated videos are great when explaining a complicated product/service, conveying information, or highlighting specific features. Animated videos tell the whole story visually, using company branding and custom video branding, making complex information easier to digest.

At the beginning of quarantine, our client Intellum saw a huge opportunity to push their new Virtual Events platform, which quickly became the focus of their resources. Since they had a new product, they needed a video to help explain it and the solution it provides.

Previous Productions

Because most of our clients are on retainer with us, we have previously captured video on hand. We store all footage from production days (you wouldn’t believe how many hard drives we have) so that a client can always use any of their existing footage at a later date.

We’ve been storing footage since the inception of Consume Media in 2012 as a means to help clients get more mileage out of their production days, but turns out, it was also useful for a global pandemic when nobody left their homes for awhile 🤷🏻‍♀️

When our client enosix, an Ohio based SaaS company, wanted a demo video for their new product, we were able to use footage we captured during a previous enosix production and combine it with 3D screen recordings and text call-outs to bring their product to life.

Safe Productions

Since we weren’t filming for several months, we pivoted to ensure that our clients were still able to push new content.

Since quarantine has been lifted, we have resumed production with added safety precautions. Everyone on set is to wear a mask (unless actively on camera), social distance, and regularly sanitize. We do temperature checks, provide individual boxed lunches, and limit the number of people on set to the essentials.

Adapting to Change

Hard circumstances push us to grow and evolve, which is exactly what this pandemic has done to our company. We have been lucky enough to have clients who understand the need for video and trust us to help them achieve their business goals.

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