Production During a Pandemic

Production During Covid-19

Like everyone on planet Earth, our job looks a little different during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we are able to film again in Georgia, here’s a look at production during a pandemic and how our process has evolved to fit the current state of the world.

production during pandemic


From location scouting to scriptwriting, pre-production includes everything that happens after kickoff to ensure smooth production.


The biggest change to script writing has been acknowledging the state of the world without dating the video. Fortunately, our wonderful producer, Lindsay has become a pro at giving a subtle nod to these unprecedented times.


Atlanta is full of actors, but the talent pool appears to be a little smaller right now since acting isn’t most people’s full time gig nor what they’re currently focusing on. This means sometimes the casting process and finding the perfect talent can take a bit longer than usual. However once we cast and get them on set, the process has been smooth.


Finding locations has been a bit easier the past six months compared to normal times. We film a lot of scenes in office settings, and since most office employees are still remote right now, there are plenty of empty offices happy for the business.
production during pandemic


Making talent feel comfortable and safe on set is our #1 priority. We make our safety precautions clear before production begins. Everyone on set is to wear a mask, socially distance, and regularly sanitize. We conduct temperature checks and ask that no one comes to set feeling sick.

We also provide individual boxed lunches as opposed to platters. When a hair and makeup artist is on set, she wears a face mask, face shield, and gloves to keep herself protected. When it’s time to film a scene, our actor can take off his mask and our production team is always over six feet away.

The video below is a product explainer for Evisort, a SaaS company based out of California, and was handled from start to finish during the pandemic.

Safety is Priority

During any production, our goals are always to capture the right content, stay on schedule, and ensure everyone on set has a little fun. But since the pandemic began, safety has become our #1 goal. Clients and talent trust us by being on our set, and we take that very seriously.

Just like everyone else, we are figuring this whole thing out together.

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