Why Video Ads Are More Impactful Than Static Ads

June 24, 2020

Video Ads vs. Static Ads

Most businesses with advertising budgets run social media ads. But what’s more impactful, static image ads or video ads? 

Video advertisements convey more information, are more eye-catching, and are more engaging than static images. 

Plus, video is consumers’ favorite type of content to see from brands on social media, so it makes sense to advertise to them with video.

Video Conveys More Information

Much more information can fit in a short video ad than a static image ad. 

Here’s an example. Our friends at SalesLoft have a popular e-book highlighting Best Practices of Top Performing Sales Reps. They wanted a refresh from the current static ad they were running, and we decided to create a video ad for it.

salesloft static ads vs video ads
As you can see, much more information is conveyed in the video version because it’s like several static images strung together – except it’s cooler because it’s animated.

Video is Eye-Catching

The eye-catching nature of video is one of the main reasons that video tends to outperform images when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention.

This is even more true with ads. High-quality static ads are all over social media, but solid video ads are a bit rarer. A good video ad is a scroll stopper, meaning it will halt your robotic scroll, pull you out of your social media trance, and grab your attention. Well, that’s the idea, at least. 

Video is Engaging

Video production gets more engagement on social media than text and images combined. Biteable conducted a study comparing the effectiveness of static and video ads on Facebook and found that the video yielded 270% more leads. The cost per lead was also 280% lower for the video than the image. 

For our friends at SalesLoft, engagement on the e-book ad was so high that they’ve already come back for more video advertisements.


Whether you’re attracting leads or converting prospects, video ads help you stand out, capture attention, and increase conversions.

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