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June 26, 2020

Woodward Academy Edition… Remix!

Who is Woodward Academy?

The Woodward Academy is a private school located in College Park, Georgia and serves students from 26 counties all over Georgia! Woodward is the largest private school in the continental United States (there are 2 larger private schools in Hawaii… random fun fact). They provide a top-notch education while also offering excellent opportunities across athletics, arts, and more.

sports branding video

The Concept

Woodward Academy originally wanted a culture video to show off their sports teams, dedicated coaches, and state of the art facilities. They understood that video production creates an emotional connection, which factors into a parent’s purchasing decision. Woodward’s athletics program is one of the core aspects of their school, and they wanted an encompassing, high-quality video to represent that.

Why the “remix?”

Additionally, Woodward Academy needed to use video production to specifically target student athletes who wanted to compete at top universities after high school. Their athletic program is competitive and prepares students for that next level. Woodward wanted to communicate that to prospective students with another video.

Our Production Day

Since there are many moving parts in an athletics program, production originally took place over 6 days. During the mornings & afternoons, we set up unique locations for interviews for coaches, deans, and students that set the scene for their story. After school, we filmed b-roll of practices, games, and parents, coaches, and fans participating in all of the action.

We had plenty of footage to pull from, so for our second video, we only needed one day of production for a few interviews and some fresh b-roll.

sports branding video

The Result

The final result is exactly what Woodward Academy wanted – two videos that encompass the culture and next-level training of their athletics program. The videos now live on the Woodward Athletics website and have been used in email campaigns to show prospective parents and students the details of the athletics program. Don’t you want to be a Woodward War Eagle after watching this video?!

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