How Evoshield is Creating Champions with Video

October 8, 2018

Who is Evoshield?

Evoshield is a Wilson-owned company whose main product is custom-fitted protective sports gear. Their product is one of a kind because it uses an air-activated molding process to fit the user’s unique body type, offering protection from impact without impeding movement.
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Why did they want to invest in video marketing?

Consume and Evoshield partnered for the first time about 1.5 years ago, where we created a series of fitting videos which focused on their 5 main protective products for baseball

Consumers were frequently incorrectly fitting the product, and since Evoshield offers a perfect fit guarantee, the company was losing a pretty penny. The initial fitting series helped their customers visually see how to fit the product, instead of glancing at printed directions — thus causing fewer mistakes, fewer replacements, and less money lost.

While Evoshield is primarily a baseball brand, they also have products suited for other sports, and the rib-guard is their highest selling product for football. Just like with their baseball gear, they were suffering from a high volume of returns. To combat, we created a fitting video to show athletes the proper way to mold the gear to fit their bodies thus reducing the number of returns.

Our Production Day

When it came to the video production, we hired an athlete to play our football player and had several Rib Guards on set so we could have our athlete mold it to his own body several times. This enabled us to ensure we got the best shots. In order to keep the video authentic, we rented a local high school’s locker room and shot the video in one day.

The Result

This video, along with the baseball fitting series, is featured on their website to show the proper fitting process. Not only do these videos lower the volume of returns, but they also create champions out of their customers by giving them the tools to use the product to its highest potential. This video series also serves the value of enticing interested buyers, as they can see how simple and unique this product is. 

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