2024 Brand Video

January 1, 2024

Who We Are

One of our core values at Consume Media is to be continuously improving.

This value runs deep throughout our entire organization and it has become one of our core cultural components. This mindset helps guide us to become a greater version of ourselves.

Our 2024 Brand Video is the perfect representation of this mindset. Our goal was to show off who we are today, which is a little different from who we were last year.

In the past year, we’ve improved the visual components of our videos. We’ve improved our storytelling, our filming capability, and our editing and animation skills.

Along with the beautiful imagery that can be seen in our video content, our Customer Success team has never been stronger. We don’t sell projects we won’t be proud of. We don’t suggest campaigns we don’t think will be successful.

To be successful, a video marketing agency needs a talented team of individuals who care about their clients. I’m proud to say that you can find all of the above at Consume Media.

Over the past several years we’ve been able to learn from our clients. Our clients have taught us about account-based marketing, how-to form deeply personal relationships, how to be a valuable part in a larger community.

Some of our clients are visionary CEOs. Some of our clients are incredibly talented sales & marketing practitioners. We’ve been proud to form long-lasting relationships with all of our clients across the board, by continuously bringing them value.

It takes a very special skill set to create impactful video marketing. You must be brilliantly creative. You must be smoothly strategic. Our clients understand their goals, but it’s our job to create a video marketing strategy around these goals.

At Consume Media we combine the highest-quality creative with an incredibly detailed strategy to help our clients tell their stories and achieve their goals.

There’s always more to learn. We don’t claim to know all the answers, but we’ve learned a lot along the way. And if we don’t know the answers, we will be committed to finding them.

At Consume Media, the best is yet to come. Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way.

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