The Consume Summer of Content

September 20th, 2023

Title card for Corben Surio

Summer 2023

Consume had a busy summer creating all different types of content. We filmed another episode of the Final Final Podcast, launched Marketing Mavericks: A Consume Media Vlogcast, brought the blog back, and had an internal shoot day to showcase our talented team’s work. By filming and creating, we now have loads and loads of content to feature on our website and social media that exhibits Consume’s company culture.

As we’ve mentioned in blogs in the past, it’s important for a brand or company to find their voice when putting out their own branded content, this gives potential clients the opportunity to get an inside track to what it would be like to work with your company.

Marketing Mavericks: A Consume Media Vlogcast

In addition to the Final Final pod, we launched a vlogcast! Entitled Marketing Mavericks, this vlogcast is dedicated to (you guessed it) marketing! One of the Consume co-founders, Leo Falkenstein, chats with various directors and chiefs of marketing at former/current client companies to find out the keys to their success. Each episode features a new guest, be sure to stay tuned for new episodes!

June’s Final Final Episode

Our Final Final podcast episode for June featured our three summer interns who acted as a panel, interviewing different full-time employees. The list of questions they prepared included some silly, some serious, some insightful. You can find this episode of our pod down below:

The Blog is Back!

If you’re reading this post, then you know we’ve brought the blog back by now. It was put on pause for awhile but it’s back and hopefully here to stay. You can scroll the learn tab on our website to find blogs written about the video industry, marketing, graphics and animation, pretty much anything that Consume does. We wanted to stock up on these blogs over the summer, we’ve got quite a few in our arsenal at this point. One of our most recent posts is about utilizing animation. See below if that piques your interest:

Show & Tell

We added a new segment to our client spotlights, called Show & Tell! We had everyone on the Consume team think about a project they’re proud of and asked them to tell us why. In doing this, everyone who makes success possible at Consume gets to showcase their amazing work. We sporadically upload these to our Instagram page, make sure to follow so you don’t miss out to see who worked on your project!

Can’t Get Enough?

Internal content wasn’t the only thing we were up to this summer. From on and off-site client shoots, animated explainers, product explainers, testimonials, bts, etc… we were busy! Make sure to follow our LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up to date with all things Consume. We had a fantastic summer and are excited for what the rest of 2023 will bring!