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What is video marketing?

Video marketing can be defined very simply as the use of video to promote or market your brand. Defining an effective video marketing strategy, on the other hand, is much more complex. There are many key characteristics of a great video marketing strategy – such as specific targeting and timeliness. While your marketing department may know a thing or two about video, it truly takes a dedicated video marketing team to execute a professional and effective strategy.

You may be wondering – why video marketing? Why should I not just use digital display ads? Why should I not just do what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years and post advertisements in local magazines? These techniques may have worked before, but in today’s digital era – video reigns supreme.

Video marketing does a lot for your business. Video helps boost conversion rates, while also increasing your ranking in search engines. Most importantly, people (you know, the types of creatures you’re trying to reach) find video to be the most effective, emotional, and engaging medium. Video marketing has helped businesses just like yours, and all the trends continue to point upwards. For information on how this emerging marketing strategy works, continue reading below.


atlanta video production

Reach Your Audience Through Video Marketing

As technology continues to become a part of our daily lives, digital advertising has emerged as the absolute best way to reach your audience. Television, magazine, and newspaper advertising is going the way of the dinosaurs. Digital advertising provides capabilities that just can’t be matched by these legacy formats. These older platforms provide no way to accurately measure impressions, engagement, or track results. Marketers were essentially paying for airtime/space, but had no idea whether their marketing efforts were working or falling flat with their audience. Outside of focus groups and viewer ratings, businesses were left without the critical feedback necessary to adapt their content to the appropriate audience. Digital advertising has changed the marketing landscape, as you can now measure engagement down to the very smallest of details. For video specifically, you can measure how long people are watching your videos, how many times they are viewing your videos, along with how many of these views are converting into customers. With this modern ability to gather data throughout the entire buying process, you can intelligently adapt your marketing to match the tastes of your audience. These are all things that simply weren’t possible before.

Another reason video marketing has changed the advertising landscape is due to increased ability to target your audience. 10 years ago, the only way to place your video in front of potential customers was through TV Advertising. Sure you could advertise on ESPN, Cartoon Network, Home Shopping Network, or a prime time TV network – which would give you four different audiences – but that was about as specific as you could get. With today’s video marketing, you can easily target certain age groups, interests, and locations – without having to guess who will be watching through the tube. All of this is right at our fingertips with modern technology.

Video has always been the most engaging way to interact with your audience, but it was once inaccessible to small-medium businesses. Today’s digital video marketing tactics allow you to target the right audience online with the right messaging. It’s about having a strategy shaped by measuring what just works better.  It’s about working smart, not hard.

“50% of my marketing works, I’m just not sure which 50%”

-Ancient Rome

Video Marketing Works

Whether your goal is to increase sales, attract talent, capture a moment or improve a process – the only limit to how video can work is creativity. More specifically, video marketing has been known to increase conversion rates and engagement, and its use is trending upwards in marketing departments of all industries.

Today’s generation is always watching videos. Recent polls show that internet users spend nearly a third of their time watching videos. This is very fortunate for marketers, as this has opened the doors for advertising opportunities. Advertising on Google Adwords for YouTube is at an all-time high, not to mention the other social advertising platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

For businesses – there are three types of media, and video gives you an advantage in all three. The first is organic media – which is comprised of your natural social reach, website interaction, and email campaign media. Video has proven to be the most powerful aspect of organic media as it increases natural reach, keeps visitors on your website longer, and increases email click-through rates. Video also naturally increases search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your rankings in search engine results.

The second type of media is paid media. By moving your ad spend towards targeted video advertising campaigns, reaching your audience has never been easier, and engagement has never been higher. Lastly, earned media encompasses how others help spread your content throughout the internet. In simplest terms – this is known as ‘virality’ – but a video doesn’t have to go ‘viral’ to be powerful. A single share can have huge effects on your business, especially if you operate in a tight-knit community. If your video happens to reach an ‘influencer’, somebody with many followers (such as a celebrity), your business can reap huge benefits.

Our Strategy Will Help You Achieve Results

So now that you know why video marketing is changing the digital advertising landscape and how to target your customers, you think you’re ready to go, right? Wrong. You need an actual strategy. Most people wouldn’t even know where to start. There are so many questions to be answered. What type of videos do I need to make? Where should I advertise? How often should I advertise? How do I make high quality videos?

Without a dedicated video marketing team, these questions may remain unanswered, but your video marketing team can push you in all the right directions. It’s important to consider the impact each type of video would have on your business and with your audience. There are times when you need a brand video and there are times when you need customer testimonials. And it’s crucial to always remember that you may not push a brand video on the same platform that you would use to push a video testimonial. When it comes to making high quality videos – the best advice we can give is to find and hire professionals. Like us. We know how to make high quality videos, and most importantly we understand what is involved in making each video campaign more powerful than the last.

Results are the name of the game. By starting with a discovery session, spending oodles of time in pre-production, combined with expert production and post-production, our process delivers only the highest quality results.  Great videos are only great videos if you know how to use them properly. By combining great videos with fool-proof marketing tactics, we elevate your brand above your competitors and into the minds of potential customers.

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Our Strategy Will Help You Achieve Results

In Atlanta we have a phrase that rings throughout the city (especially on Sundays)- “Rise Up”. By implementing an effective video strategy, and creating a true brand identity, your company has an opportunity to “Rise Up” above the competition.

Video Marketing is an emerging strategy that will enhance your brand and, with proper guidance, increase your bottom line. The new digital age has given us so many tools, and not taking advantage of them can be a disservice to your business.

While video marketing is the way to your customers heart, it will only be so with a proper team. We urge you not to embark on your video marketing adventure without an support team that can steer you in the right direction. Our Atlanta video production team will help put your brand on the map.

Bad videos are worse than no videos at all. Don’t hurt your brand. Trust Consume Media with your video marketing needs, as we promise to deliver an effective strategy with a bundle of world-class videos. The Consume Media team has more than a decade of video experience, and would love to help take your brand to the next level. Click the button below for the opportunity to learn more.