Why Your Business Needs Templated Video Series

June 20th, 2024
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Optimize Product Showcase with Templated Video Series

When seeking to efficiently showcase multiple product features without creating a unique video for each, consider using a templated series.

A templated series provides a framework that can be tweaked to create multiple videos, each tailored to display different features or aspects of your product or service. 

What makes templated series so appealing is their flexibility and scalability.

The Importance of Templated Video Series

Whether you have one major platform with several features or a range of products with distinct selling points, a templated series allows you to maintain consistency across your marketing efforts while adapting to the specific needs of each feature or product.

How does it work?

  • We REUSE certain screens, voiceover talent, motion design, and the script structure in order to maintain efficiency and consistency
  • We MODIFY elements such as color and text
  • There are always NEW designs and, of course, a new script

“What makes an office day great?”: Scoop Meetings


Scoop offers a flexible work software platform designed for managing hybrid work environments. Aiming to improve workplace productivity and simplify navigating the complexities of hybrid work engagements, Scoop needed a way to break down the features and functionalities of their product, Scoop Meetings. 

We collaborated with Scoop, producing an engaging and easy-to-understand templated series that focuses on Scoop Meeting’s multiple features, communicating its remote work scheduling coordination tools.

By opting for a templated series, Scoop ensures a comprehensive approach to educating their audience about this specific product, Scoop Meetings, while providing consistency across multiple pieces of content.

“Popmenu makes it easier to do more”: Popmenu and the Templated Series


Popmenu, a digital marketing and customer engagement platform designed specifically for the restaurant industry, was looking for a way to launch five different products.

We teamed up with Popmenu to develop a templated series of fast-paced, entirely value proposition driven videos that break down the new tools and how they integrate.

Through this templated series, we were able to clearly communicate the benefits and functionalities of Popmenu’s new offerings, providing potential customers with a comprehensive understanding of what these products bring to the table.

“As always, you can refer to Shepard as a resource”: Shepard’s Customer Service Series


In collaboration with Shepard, an events services company, we undertook a different approach of the templated series.

Within a single day, we captured all required content in-studio, seamlessly implementing a uniform script and video branding package across every video. This method allowed us to craft a unified and polished video library for Shepard, ensuring a cohesive and professional presentation.

This innovative approach serves to underscore the continued effectiveness and versatility of the templated series in delivering impactful and consistent solutions for businesses. 

Maximize Impact with Templated Video Series

Ready to elevate your marketing efforts with a templated video series? Chat with us today to learn how we can help you create captivating, cost-effective videos that amplify your brand’s impact and drive results. 

Let’s unlock the potential of your marketing strategy together!