Why Your Business Needs Customer Testimonial Videos

July 3rd, 2024

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Build Reliability with Customer Testimonial Videos

When seeking to build trust with potential customers so that you can win more business, consider producing customer testimonial videos.

Customer Testimonial Videos offer genuine and persuasive perspectives from your happiest customers, as they share their experiences and success stories, presented in a professional and relatable format.

The Essential Impact of Customer Testimonial Videos

Let’s further break down the benefits of Customer Testimonial videos:

  • Engagement: Customer testimonials offer a relatable perspective, capturing the real emotions and experiences of your satisfied customers.
  • Reach: These videos can be promoted across social media, websites, and email campaigns to boost brand credibility and increase conversions for your sales team. By showcasing authentic customer experiences, testimonial videos create curiosity, build trust, and drive conversions, serving as a powerful tool from engagement to purchase.
  • Conversion: Authentic testimonials build trust and provide social proof, significantly boosting conversion rates.

“We have more tools at our disposal”: Flock Safety: San Leandro’s Customer Testimonials

Flock Safety is an American manufacturer and operator of automated license plate recognition, video surveillance, and gunfire locator systems.

In collaboration with Flock Safety, Consume Media crafted a compelling customer testimonial video featuring diverse perspectives speaking about their experience with Flock Safety. This video seamlessly blends storytelling with captivating visuals and branded elements.

By hearing from a happy customer, this testimonial video helps foster audience resonation and brand trust toward Flock Safety.

“We truly feel like we have a partner in our business outcome”: Aimpoint Digital: PetScreening’s Customer Testimonials

Aimpoint Digital, a boutique Data Consulting Firm, wanted to tell the story of how they worked with PetScreening, to drive results for their business

Consume Media produced a comprehensive customer testimonial video featuring multiple individuals’ opinions on Aimpoint Digital’s impact. We had the opportunity to capture the PetScreening office environment outside of Charlotte, showcasing its unique culture.

This video’s dynamic blend of visuals and narrative effectively captures the company’s value proposition and contributes to a deeper understanding and trust for potential buyers.

 “Sonar is probably the only SaaS app that I use every day”: Supporting Sonar in Customer Testimonials

Sonar empowers Salesforce-centric businesses to seamlessly manage change and monitor integrated application access.

Sonar collaborated with Consume Media to create a customer testimonial video featuring several customers’ successful experiences with this software. This video messaging discusses how Sonar helps their customers overcome difficulties in their jobs and how it provides value to their business.

Through its trustworthy display of the software’s value and b-roll within the office environment, this customer testimonial video captivates viewers with its narrative and visuals, inspiring confidence and support for Sonar.

BONUS: “It’s just a team that can’t be beat”: Consume Media Testimonials


We are Consume Media, an Atlanta-based video marketing agency specializing in driving business growth through creative video services.

In this video, representatives from various companies share their insights on our product, team, and process, while discussing how Consume adds value to their businesses and brings their visions to fruition. 

These testimonials embody the essence of Consume Media, highlighting our enjoyable and results-oriented work environment. This video not only showcases past success stories with clients, but also invites prospective partners to learn about the impactful services we offer.

Maximize Impact with Customer Testimonial Videos

By showcasing real experiences and authentic emotions, customer testimonials create a powerful connection that resonates deeply with potential customers. Therefore, these videos humanize your brand, making it more relatable and compelling in the eyes of your audience, and, most importantly, convince prospects to become customers.

Ready to harness the persuasive power of customer testimonials for your business? Contact us today and let us help you create impactful customer testimonial videos that feature your success stories and engage your audience effectively.