Why Your Business Needs  Brand Videos

June 27th, 2024
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Tell Your Story with Brand Videos

When seeking to showcase your company’s story, values, and strengthen brand identity, consider implementing a brand video.

Brand Videos combine storytelling and visuals to create viewer resonation and reinforce the brand’s message. This type of video delves into the essence of company identity, weaving together its history, mission, and vision into a compelling narrative.

How do Brand Videos differ from Company Overview Videos? Brand Videos target your audience’s heart, encouraging them to feel a certain way, whereas Company Overview Videos target your audience’s brain, encouraging them to think or understand.

The Essential Impact of Brand Videos

Brand Videos have become vital tools for companies looking to differentiate themselves and forge meaningful relationships with their audience.

Let’s further breakdown the brand video’s benefits: 

  • Engagement: A compelling brand video connects with your audience on an emotional level, fostering a deeper connection and loyalty to your brand.
  • Reach: Sharing your brand’s journey and mission resonates well with a broad audience, encouraging shares and organic reach.
  • Conversion: By building trust and authenticity, a brand video can significantly influence purchasing decisions and enhance brand loyalty.

“Our family is devoted to your family”: City of Lawrenceville’s Natural Gas Video


The City of Lawrenceville, a vibrant suburb of Atlanta and the seat of Gwinnett County, aimed to educate the public about the various uses of natural gas throughout the city.

In collaboration with us, we produced a brand video that features engaging visuals, narration, and messaging to support the City of Lawrenceville’s mission to highlight the prominent role of natural gas in their community.

Brand videos are a powerful tool for storytelling and engagement, offering a dynamic way to convey complex information and connect with audiences on a deeper level. This brand video not only educates viewers about natural gas but also strengthens the city’s presence as it adapts to an ever-changing environment.

“Shepard is setting the standard with you”: Shepard’s Strengthening Brand Video


Shepard, an events services company, sought a way to exhibit its brand identity. Teaming up with us, we created a brand video that reinforces Shepard’s identity as not just a vendor, but as a partner. 

This video underscores what sets Shepard apart, featuring employee testimonials and visuals from Shepard’s events. These visuals were pulled from various events throughout the year prior, allowing us to tap into our content library and contribute to the video’s engaging imagery. 

Through its captivating narrative, Shepard’s brand video reaffirms its identity and strengthens audience relationships.  

“Achieve Atlanta is here to remove as many of those barriers as possible”: Achieve Atlanta’s Mission

Achieve Atlanta provides strategic, operational, and financial support, along with a district-wide college advising program for all high school juniors and seniors through a partnership with Atlanta Public Schools. 

To fortify its mission and impact, Achieve Atlanta collaborated with us to produce a captivating brand video. Featuring employee and scholar testimonials, footage at various events and opportunities, and engaging graphics, this video enhances Achieve Atlanta’s identity, essence, and vision.

By implementing a brand video, Achieve Atlanta builds emotional connection, strengthening brand loyalty through authentic and trustworthy storytelling.

Maximize Impact with a Brand Video

Brand Videos play a crucial role in capturing and conveying the heart of a brand. They have the ability to encapsulate the core of the brand, produce strong viewer resonance, and encourage reach and conversion all within a short amount of time. 

Ready to elevate your brand with a compelling video? Contact us today to start crafting your unique brand narrative and connect with your audience like never before.