Why Your Business Needs Animated Explainer Videos

June 12th, 2024
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Maximize Engagement with Animated Explainer Videos

If your company offers sophisticated technology solutions or intricate products, animated explainers can effectively clarify their functionalities and benefits. 

Animated Explainer Videos are short, engaging marketing videos that utilizes branded graphics and animation to convey a message or explain a concept in an easily digestible format. These videos typically last around 30-120 seconds, which offers enough time to adequately set up the problem, introduce the solution, and explain the features and benefits without losing the audience’s attention.

Why Animated Explainers are Crucial for your Brand

If your brand offers a variety of features or products within its service, animated explainer videos can be a game-changer for your company. These videos provide a visual identity consistent with your brand while allowing for customization to highlight different products, all within a cohesive framework. 

Let’s walkthrough the Animated Explainer benefits:

  • Engagement: As mentioned, animated explainers simplify complex ideas and present them in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format, keeping your audience engaged from start to finish
  • Reach: These videos are highly shareable, making them ideal for social media platforms and increasing your brand’s visibility
  • Conversion: By clearly demonstrating the value of your product or service, animated explainers can effectively drive conversions and motivate viewers to take action

“Say Goodbye to Scheduling Tetris”: How Calendly uses an Animated Explainer

Calendly, a well-known scheduling solution provider, introduced Prelude, a software tailor-made for the intricate needs of recruiting. The challenge? Calendly needed to effectively present and promote Prelude, showcasing its value proposition and functionality in a concise manner.

We collaborated with Calendly to craft a 90-second animated explainer depicting a busy recruiter seamlessly navigating Prelude’s features, simplifying the once daunting task of scheduling. Combining narrative storytelling with a stylized UI, this animated explainer communicates Prelude’s myriad of benefits to prospective users, making a compelling case for adoption.

“The Only Project-Based Digital Asset Management for the Build World”: OpenAsset’s Product Explainer

OpenAsset, an innovator in digital asset management solutions, encountered the challenge of effectively presenting their platform’s value to potential users.

We collaborated with OpenAsset, producing a captivating animated explainer that effectively showcases OpenAsset’s transformative impact, resonating with viewers through its narrative-based storytelling. By placing the audience at the center of a compelling story, this video successfully communicates OpenAsset’s product value and function, while simultaneously enhancing engagement and interest.

“Now, when the calls roll in, you will be ready”: CallRail and the Animated Explainer

CallRail, a leading provider of call tracking and analytics solutions, unveiled Conversation Intelligence, a groundbreaking tool designed to empower businesses to make the most out of their calls. 

To break down Conversation Intelligence, we teamed up with CallRail to create a product-focused video that engages viewers and simplifies this complex solution through both abstract and realistic depictions of the software.

Living on CallRail’s website at https://www.callrail.com/conversation-intelligence, this video simplifies the complexities of call tracking and demonstrates the transformative capabilities of Conversation Intelligence, ultimately driving engagement and conversion.

Unlock Potential with an Animated Explainer

Whether you’re looking to introduce a new product, explain a complex concept, or promote your brand, Animated Explainer Videos offer a solution to elevate your marketing efforts and connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

Ready to harness the power of animated explainer videos for your brand? Chat with us today to learn more about how we can help you create compelling videos that drive results and increase your brand presence in the digital landscape.