What Is An Animated Template Series?

March 7th, 2024

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Maximize Efficiency with Animation Templates

Are you constantly seeking innovative methods to promote your products or services effectively? Then look no further! A simple yet effective strategy is the utilization of animation templates. Animation templates can have a profound impact on streamlining promotional efforts. Read on to see some examples we’ve employed at Consume Media.

If your brand offers a variety of features or products within its service, animation templates can be a game-changer for your company. These templates provide a consistent visual identity while allowing for customization to highlight different products, all within a cohesive framework.

Let’s examine a couple of examples from Popmenu and Terminus, where we leveraged animation templates to elevate their product promotion strategies.



Popmenu, a thriving player in the restaurant industry, sought a dynamic approach to showcase their product updates. With an animation template, we were able to create a series of videos designed to be concise yet impactful. Each video boasts distinct accent colors and graphics tailored to the featured product, while maintaining brand consistency throughout. Despite the diversity of products, the videos exude a cohesive flow and style, amplifying brand recognition and engagement. By adopting animation templates, we were able to assist Popmenu not only by completing videos on a quicker timeline, but also at a lesser cost per video.
Frame from animated template series for Popmenu
Frame from animated template series for Popmenu



For Terminus, a leading player in B2B Account-Based Marketing, we opted for a more modular approach in their product update series. Utilizing an animation template enriched with different modules, we curated a series of videos that offered in-depth insights into various features within their product. From user interfaces to accent colors, each video was crafted from this template to resonate with the specific product it highlighted. Despite the slightly more complex content, the overarching template was cohesive, reinforcing Terminus’ brand identity. By leveraging animation templates, we assisted Terminus in achieving a balance between depth and accessibility for their product promotion endeavors.
Frame from animated template series for Terminus
Frame from Animated Template Series For Terminus

Unlock Potential With Animated Template Series

The example templates featuring Popmenu and Terminus highlight the transformative potential of animation templates in modern marketing strategies. By centralizing graphics and animation within a flexible framework, brands can expedite the creation of promotional content while ensuring consistency in branding.

The adoption of animation templates represents a strategic investment for businesses looking to optimize their product promotion efforts. Whether you’re unveiling product updates or showcasing a diverse range of offerings, animation templates offer a cost-effective solution that maximizes efficiency without compromising on creativity. By leveraging animation templates, businesses can save both time and money while making a lasting impression on their audience.