Product Explainer Vs. Product Demo

November 17, 2021

It’s all about the use case

When it comes to differentiating the types of product videos, it might not be obvious at first glance. Both product explainers and product demos include the product or service a company is trying to market in some form or fashion, but the difference ultimately comes down to the use case.

Product Explainer

Product Explainer = WHY a customer needs your product.

Product explainers are typically higher in the funnel than product demos. Consumers don’t know who you are yet and you have to hook them in. The product explainer video is used to let potential customers know that a solution does exist by explaining the value proposition to them.

When it comes to the visuals and creativity of product explainers, things are usually high-level marketing speak and might be more engaging and fast moving.

Here is an example of a product explainer we did for our friends SaaSOptics, an Atlanta based tech company:

Product Demo

Product Demo = HOW to use the product.

Product demos are further down the funnel than product explainers. At this point, the consumer knows about your product and has been convinced they need it. The problem is they do not know how to use your product or understand how it might work for them. Product demos are your chance to convert them.

Product demos are a deep dive into your product. In the SaaS world, product demos often use screen recording of the software with additional graphics and callouts to help emphasize the capabilities of the software. Demos tend to be less about flash and more about function.

Here is an example of a product demo we did for AmTrav:

The Power Of Product Videos

From drawing in potential customer to converting them into paying customers, product videos are a powerful way to navigate through your sales and marketing funnel.