Short-Form vs. Long-Form Videos

October 9th, 2023

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Uncovering the Best Format for Your Content

In a digital era of rapidly evolving content consumption, the power of  video has undergone a transformation. Short-form videos, with their quick and attention-grabbing nature, have risen in popularity, captivating audiences in mere seconds. In contrast, long-form videos provide a platform for deeper storytelling, allowing creators to explore topics in greater depth and engage viewers on a more profound level.

Exploring the Advantages of Long-Form Videos

So, what exactly is a long-form video and when should you use it? By Google’s definition, “Videos that are over 10 minutes.” Long-form videos should be used to share nuanced and immersive information that require a more in-depth explanation.

Youtube and podcasting sites are an ideal place to post longer videos. These videos tend to cater to a niche target audience that seek out a specific type of content rather than carry appeal for a broad spectrum of viewers.

Examples of long-form videos are in-depth interviews, documentaries or educational content. Long-form should be used to concentrate on content that engages in thoughtful discussion or emotional connection. In doing this, creators can foster a loyal and engaged community that values the depth of expertise that is presented in long-form videos.

Short-Form Videos as a Marketing Tool

Most short-form videos enact the opposite effect of long-form videos. These videos are more concise, most often 60 seconds or less and carry a much wider appeal to a larger audience. The goal is to grab the eye and attention of a viewer who is looking for easily digestible content.
Due to the decreasing nature of the average attention span, casual viewers are more attracted to entertaining and dynamic content that is bite-sized and fast-paced. These types of videos work especially well with social media sites like Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat.

Since a large portion of short-form live on these sites, the shareability factor simplifies access across social platforms. Sharing short-form videos on social platforms enables the possibility of going viral and reach a massive audience within a small time period.

How to Utilize Both

Consider your goals for your content before you post, who are you trying to engage with, where would your video perform best?

Oftentimes a short-form video can complement long-form, short-form could be used for brief insight to the long-form content. A 30-second behind the scenes video could build excitement or transition into the reveal of longer content.

Remember Your Audience

The determining factor in choosing between short form vs. long form depends on the audience you are trying to reach. Videos are powerful tools that when leveraged properly can leave a lasting impression of your brand on various types of viewers.