How To Repurpose Your Video Content

September 18, 2023

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Utilizing Your Videos

Having video content at your fingertips means you are one step closer to having versatile material to utilize for your social media, your website, and your reach to potential clients (no matter your company). What’s so great about videos are their versatility, you can create just about any type of content with video and we have curated a list of ways you can utilize your videos.

Extracting Audio from Video

One way to repurpose content you already have laying around is to pull the audio from a long-form video and turn it into a podcast. Podcasts can be uploaded just about anywhere podcasts are available and you can take this step if you want listeners to have a more accessible and portable option to your content.This transformation allows you to bring the valuable content from the video into the audio realm, expanding its reach and engaging a wider audience.

Check out this example from our new vlogcast, Marketing Mavericks. We have a full audio and video version available on our Youtube channel but also uploaded the audio to Spotify and Apple Music.

String Clips Together for Longer Video

Pulling content from preexisting videos is a great way to create a new style/format of content. One way that we do this at Consume Media is creating behind the scenes (BTS) melts in reels format for our Instagram and Linkedin. BTS footage is a great way to connect with your audience on a new level and bring insight to the processes of a video shoot.

Of course there are other ways to do this, like creating reels for Instagram, BTS melts just happens to be our favorite. This example of BTS footage is from ____.

Check it out below:

Create a Channel

If you reach a point where your video content is becoming difficult to navigate, consider making a channel to upload what you have created thus far. Something as simple as a Youtube channel is an awesome way to gather important content in one place. If your main focus is video, consider making a channel or page on Wistia, a hub of video marketing work.

Link to wistia channel/youtube channel

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are an important part of sharing what the culture and method of your company is. With these styles of videos, possible clients can hear directly from current clients about the work being done for their brand.

These can serve as social proof, validating the brand’s claims and offering reassurance to prospective buyers. By showcasing authentic testimonials, brands can effectively demonstrate the value they deliver and differentiate themselves from competitors. Positive testimonials can also generate word-of-mouth marketing, as satisfied customers share their experiences with friends and family, further expanding the brand’s reach. Ultimately, testimonials play a crucial role in establishing a favorable brand image, enhancing customer loyalty, and attracting new customers, thus contributing to the overall success and growth of the brand.

Attach testimonial vid


To embed is to succeed. By embedding a video to your website, you are providing surfers of your site to directly connect with your content and see a first hand glimpse of what your company can offer.

Videos provide a dynamic and engaging medium to convey information, tell stories, and showcase products or services. By incorporating videos, companies can effectively capture the attention of website visitors and keep them engaged for longer periods. Videos allow for a more immersive and interactive experience, making it easier for viewers to grasp complex concepts or understand the unique value proposition of a brand. They can also evoke emotions and create a deeper connection with the audience, enabling companies to build stronger relationships and foster brand loyalty.

Ultimately, embedding videos on a company’s website enhances its overall user experience, boosts engagement, and helps deliver messages more effectively, leading to improved brand awareness and business growth. (Wow, have we said the word ‘embed’ enough times?)

Check out our Work (link) page to see examples of embedded videos.

Dynamic Content

Videos aren’t the only type of dynamic content for your brand or business, but it sure is one of the most useful. We hope you try out some of these techniques in our employ, they can make a world of difference.