[ step two ]

Let’s Strategize

Your video strategy is designed to ensure that your videos are targetting real business goals and that they are optimized to effectively engage with your audience.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Increase Sales with Video Marketing


Let’s brainstorm, learn your goals, and get the creative juices flowin’.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Increase Sales with Video Marketing


Once the concept is approved, we begin writing scripts and building our shotlists

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Activate Your Audience with Video Marketing

project guidelines

Feedback is critical throughout pre-production to avoid issues down the road

[ stage one ]


The initial discovery process is where we learn about your company both from a business perspective and a creative perspective. This enables us to create videos that match your culture while also providing a video marketing strategy that meets your goals. 


The very first step. 


Understanding your business goals gets us in the right mindset for creating your product.


The style of content that matches your business. Fun vs. Corporate. Light vs. Dark. 

[ stage two ]


Both our creative and strategic teams will come to you and we will kick this project off! Here we get more into the nitty-gritty details so we can confidently begin the pre-production process. 

[ stage three ]

Project Guidelines

We create a comprehensive spreadsheet detailing everything we have learned about your company, business goals, and video needs. This enables the whole team to be on the same page during all steps of the video creation journey. Project guidelines also enable us to create your custom video marketing strategy that will guide you through digital distribution once your project is complete. 

If you have questions…

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