It’s a lot more difficult to correct a mistake further down the road, so let’s prevent them from happening at all!
Did you know?
Pre-production is the most important part of the video-making process

Pre-Production Process

Once your video marketing strategy has been established, it’s time to dive into the pre-production process. Pre-production is where we define the creative concepts, the visuals, and finalize the logistics for production day.

Creative Collaboration
Turning your idea into your video involves a lot of creativity and communication. We love as much of your input as possible. The creative collaboration step is where we establish the tone, style, and personality of your video. Is it funny or corporate? What style of music do you envision? Will there be talking heads or voice overs? Is the feel serious or light-hearted? What should the lighting be?

Once you have a draft of your script:

  • review it
  • digest it
  • share it with your co-workers, your friends, your dog
  • give feedback- we want to know what you think!
A/V Timeline

An audio/visual timeline matched the script up to the visuals. This will give you the best feel for what your video will look like. All feedback is encouraged! This is the framework of what your video will become, so it should match your vision.


Pre-production is also when a schedule is created, including dates, times, and shot lists.

Almost production time!
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If at any point you have questions…
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