Marketing Mavericks

June 28, 2023

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A Consume Media Vlogcast

Have you been stressing over a lack of good, awesome, insightful, and inspirational marketing podcasts? Well, don’t fret, Consume’s new vlogcast: Marketing Mavericks has arrived!

Each episode we will chat with a new face from a different company to talk about their marketing methods, what works for them and what doesn’t in the marketing sphere. We wanted to create a platform that focuses on marketing and content creation, sharing its importance and strategies with anyone who has access to Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Our first episode is with a fantastic company we have worked with many times, Bark. Bark offers solutions for parents who have children navigating the online world. In their own words, “Bark helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.” We broke down some of the key takeaways from our conversation with Sam Springfield, director of content at Bark.

Harnessing Your Skills

We asked Sam what skills got her to the position she is in today. She responded that she loves to “Keep things moving and organized.” Organization, as all brand owners know, is integral to a smooth day-to-day operation. She continues to add that her attention to detail and goal setting are other aspects that have helped her career.

Community Connection

One of the biggest factors to Bark’s success is their open line of communication with their customers. Sam talks about the Bark community and how their relationship with each other has fostered quality feedback and returns a benefit that serves both the mission and the customers. Bark runs a Facebook group called Parenting in a Tech World which has over 300,000 parents.

In this group, parents are able to share what they’re looking for and things they need which gives Bark direct insight to what their customers need. By utilizing the relationship that Bark has with the parents that use their products and platform, Bark is able to find the missing gaps in their product faster and can better curate the needs of the members.

The Future of Bark’s Content

Looking to the future of their content production, Bark hopes to utilize Youtube shorts as a way to deliver quick and digestible content to their users. This is a way to easily deliver content that their customers want. In addition to shorts, Sam explains they also are wanting to start a feature series. In doing this, users will be able to see every function delivered in video form, giving them instructional tips on how to use everything that Bark has to offer. It is important to Bark to have the parents who use their platform able to see all of the features and abilities of Bark, potentially leading them to discover other functions they might not otherwise have known about.

Life Lessons

We end this blog post with some career insight from Sam. She says, “When you find leaders who want you to stick with them and learn from them, take advantage of those relationships.” It’s clear that she values her mentors and the influence they can have on your career, “If they’re willing to invest time in you, take it.”

Stay Tuned

Consume can’t wait to continue this series to bring you more marketers, more insight, and more content. Stay tuned for new episode drops with new faces. Listen to Marketing Mavericks: A Consume Media Vlogcast on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music.