Marketing Mavericks: Season One Recap

December 4th, 2023
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It’s a Wrap!

Season one of Consume Media’s newest vlogcast, Marketing Mavericks, launched this summer. Our host Leo Falkenstein, executive producer at Consume Media, chatted with a new thought leader each episode, taking you through the ups and downs, the rights, the wrongs, and the dos and don’ts of the marketing world. We’re going to break down the ten best quotes, one from each episode’s guest to celebrate the completion of season one.

Episode One: Sam Springfield

“When you find leaders who you want to be like, stick with them and learn from them.”

Starting off strong with quote #1, Sam speaks to the significance of mentorship and the power of emulating those who have achieved what we aspire to. Learning from experienced leaders not only accelerates our personal and professional growth but also imparts invaluable insights, guidance, and inspiration. It reminds us that success doesn’t have to be a solitary journey; it can be significantly enhanced by seeking out and following the footsteps of those who have taken the trail before us.

Episode Two: Taylor Elliot

“The mindset that I always was taught was if you’re not working or putting in extra, someone else is.”

From our second episode, this quote from Taylor encapsulates a fundamental principle of success – the relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. It emphasizes the importance of a strong work ethic, highlighting that in a competitive world, complacency is a luxury one can ill afford. It serves as a reminder that dedication and a commitment to continuous self-improvement can be the keys to achieving one’s aspirations.

Episode Three: Lauren Patrick

“Focus on your best fit customers. Then you can expand to find more people like them, engage them on the channels where they’re most active, and make them your advocates.”

By identifying and prioritizing the customers who resonate most with your product or service, you can create a solid foundation for success. Once you’ve cultivated a loyal following, it becomes easier to expand your reach and attract similar individuals who share the same needs and interests. Engaging with your audience on their preferred channels and nurturing their loyalty can transform them into enthusiastic advocates who not only sustain your brand but also help it thrive through positive word-of-mouth and referrals.

Episode Four: Jason Rozenblat

“It’s very intimidating thinking of all the steps that you need to go through to get to that end result. And you’ve got to just start.”

Jason’s quote on the essence of overcoming challenges and pursuing one’s goals is more prevalent now than ever. The path to success may seem daunting with its numerous steps and uncertainties, but taking that initial step is often the most crucial and empowering action. Starting, even in the face of intimidation, is the first step toward progress and realizing your aspirations.

Episode Five: Jordan Arogeti

“This chapter has really given me the opportunity to push myself outside of boundaries, even if I don’t have the qualifications, and that is really, really fulfilling.”

This quote on stepping outside one’s comfort zone and challenging conventional limitations speaks to the type of transformative power you can hold. It’s a testament to the personal and professional growth that can be achieved by daring to take on new challenges and push the boundaries of what is thought possible.

Episode Six: Justin Keller

“You don’t need a budget to be risky and to do something really magical to get people to notice your business and care about what you’re selling.”

Justin stands behind the idea that creativity and innovation can be more powerful than financial resources when it comes to making an impact in the business world. It emphasizes that even with limited financial means, a brand can achieve remarkable results by taking calculated risks, thinking outside the box, and delivering something truly extraordinary. In doing so, they can capture the attention and loyalty of the target audience, proving that ingenuity and passion can be more valuable than a large budget when it comes to building a brand and fostering customer engagement.

Episode Seven: Travis Durkee

“I’m going to find the right person to ask the right questions to and provide an answer through that lens.”

Travis speaks about the importance of seeking expertise and perspective to arrive at well-informed and nuanced answers. The value of connecting with individuals who possess the knowledge and insights needed to address specific questions or challenges cannot be overstated. In short, this quote highlights the wisdom of collaboration and the recognition that finding the right person to ask the right questions is a path to more insightful and well-rounded solutions.

Episode Eight: Jonathan Dew

“You have to be super intentional about your leadership and you have to be super adaptive in your leadership because one size fits no one.”

This quote by Jonathan emphasizes that successful leadership requires a deliberate and purposeful approach while simultaneously recognizing that there is no universal blueprint for leading a diverse group of individuals. To inspire and guide a team or organization, leaders must tailor their strategies to the unique needs and circumstances of their members. This quote serves as a reminder that leadership is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and adaptability and intentionality are key to meeting the specific challenges and opportunities that each situation presents.

Episode Nine: Andrea Wunderlich

“I think it’s good to give other people creative license to play within the confines of your brand guidelines and see what can happen.”

Andrea highlights the value of fostering innovation and collaboration whilst maintaining a consistent brand identity. She believes that allowing individuals to explore creative ideas of a brand can lead to fresh perspectives and potentially groundbreaking innovations. By providing room for experimentation and artistic freedom, organizations can tap into the creativity of their teams and discover new, unexpected ways to strengthen their brand while maintaining a coherent and recognizable image. This approach encourages a dynamic synergy between structure and creativity, ultimately contributing to brand growth and evolution.

Episode Ten: Ben Slater

“I think if you want to stand out, you have to take a step back and think, how can you innovate?”

The tenth and final quote features Ben speaking to the essential role of innovation in distinguishing oneself or one’s business in a competitive landscape. It encourages a strategic and forward-thinking approach, where individuals and organizations must pause to assess the status quo and identify unique ways to improve or differentiate their offerings. As a result, they not only stay relevant but also capture the attention and admiration of their audience. To rise above the crowd, one must rethink established norms to stand out in a world where change and progress are constant.

See You Next Season!

If you enjoyed our season one recap and are hungry for more Marketing Mavericks, check out all ten episodes on our Spotify and Youtube at the links below. We will see you in the new year for a brand new season of our vlogcast with more thought leaders, innovators, and of course, marketers!