How Demand Gen Teams Use Video

November 5, 2021

Optimize Demand Gen Strategies

Demand generation teams are the unsung heroes of the B2B world. But how do you ensure your demand gen strategies are optimized? Three of the most effective types of videos for the beginning of the customer lifecycle are social media ads, Thought Leadership, and Product Explainers.

Video Ads

Video ads outperform static ads on social because videos are scroll stoppers. If you can capture attention in the first second, someone is more likely to listen to your message. Ads are generally one of two things – live-action video (like a testimonial or brand video) reformatted and optimized for social media, or two, purely animation.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership videos build your voice within your ICP. Video brings you and your ideas to life better than text alone. Thought Leadership videos can live on your LinkedIn, your YouTube, and your blog to boost SEO. 

Product Explainers

Product explainers generally present a problem that people are having and position your product as the solution. It’s a high-level overview. That’s why they’re great to use toward the beginning of the customer lifecycle. As a bonus, product explainers can be repurposed and optimized to run as social media ads.

Video Can Help

From boosting SEO to optimizing nurture campaigns, video can take demand gen campaigns to the next level.