How 3 Brands Use TikTok Successfully

November 24, 2021

It’s Not Just A Trend

When TikTok first became popular, it was often written off as an app full of dance trends meant for tweens. But last August, TikTok surpassed YouTube in average watch time, making it one of the best platforms for brands to develop relationships with their consumers.

But authenticity thrives on TikTok – it’s not the platform for a hard sell. Comment sections on TikTok videos are infamous for either being wildly supportive or extremely vicious, and commenters will eat brands alive for posting inauthentic content.

So what do authentic TikTok videos look like from a business? Below are three examples of companies that have successfully connected with their TikTok audience.


The Spirit Airlines of Europe, Ryanair is a budget airline based in Dublin. Ryanair is often the subject of negative attention for its hidden fees and canceled flights, but their TikTok game is second to none. With over one million followers that the airline often refers to as “their simps,” Ryanair has become infamous for sassy commentary and capitalizing on viral trends. A very plugged in Gen-Z social media manager somewhere in Ireland deserves a raise.

Taco Bell

The tex-Mex fast food chain needs no introduction. Taco Bell is another brand that has leaned into the new social media platform and embraced its trends. TikTok has also become a soundboard for consumers to voice both their praise and grievances. Taco Bell HQ even has a room at their office called The Fishbowl where they have a collection of screens detailing social media conversations around their chain. Legend has it this is the reason they brought potatoes back to the menu.
@tacobellHop on over to #TacoBell. The Naked Chicken Chalupa is back. ♬ original sound - tacobell


Unlike many brands, the NBA doesn’t have to create most of their own content, the players create it for them. Often posting 20+ TikTok videos per week, the league has amassed a following of over 13 million. While they often post the game highlights and halftime stand outs, they also post funny or behind the scenes content that helps fans get to know players better.
@nbaWHAT A BLOCK BY BOL BOL‼️ #NBASummer ♬ original sound - NBA

Is TikTok The Future of Brand Marketing?

In the US, TikTok users watch over 24 hours of content per month, which averages out to over 1,440 videos. As long as businesses “get” how to use the app, viewers love engaging with their favorite companies. It might be time to consider how you could use TikTok to develop your brand – who knows, TikTok could be the future!