How Mercedes-Benz Stadium Maximized their Video Budget

This blog is part of a series outlining how to get the most out of your video production. Learn how Mercedes-Benz Stadium maximized their video budget and went from 1 video to 6 videos without more production.

Corporate Conference Video

Not only does corporate conference video make an event live on forever, but it boosts brand awareness, increases sales, recaps the conference, promotes the next conference, develops YouTube presence, and increases the conference’s significance!

How to Get More Video from Existing Footage

You don’t necessarily need another day of production to get more videos. More often than not, more videos can be made from existing footage. Learn how our friends at GEEARS went from 10 videos to 11 videos with no extra production.

How to Use GIFs for Your Business

Besides making you appear hip and cool, using GIFs for your business is a secret weapon because it increases your email CTR and increases dwell time on your website!

Bite-Sized Videos

How do we harness audience attention when attention spans are shrinking? Our “Goldfish Model” helps our clients capture their audiences’ attention on social media by providing them with short-form content taken from footage that may not have made the ‘final cut.’

What is a Video Success Manager?

Part of what defines Consume Media as a video marketing agency is our Video Success Manager. A Video Success Manager ensures our clients’ successful by designing, facilitation, and executing a custom video success strategy.

Where Does Successful Video Content Come From?

Where does successful video content come from? Video marketing will revolutionize your business, but an effective video strategy does not pop up overnight. Placing emphasis on the pre-production process will result in the most creative and effective final product.

Why Tech Video is Powerful

Explaining a technology or a software through text alone gets pretty complicated. That is why video is paramount in the software & technology worlds.

4 Steps to Killer Social Media Ads

The average person will spend more time on social media than eating, drinking, and socializing combined- over 5 years! Before you get existential thinking about your own excessive social media use, think how this could benefit your business. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, social media ads should be optimized, short, capture attention, and have CTAs.

3 Companies Who are Crushing it with How-To Videos

Your business might have the dopest product of all time, but if customers don’t know how to use it, you haven’t done your job. This is why how-to videos are vital. 3 companies that are killing it with how-to videos are Evoshield, CardioVascular Group, and Mud Pie.

Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Increase Sales with Video Marketing

Generate Awareness

Show off your company
Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Expand Visibility with Video Marketing

Develop Interest

Show off your goods
Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Activate Your Audience with Video Marketing

Build Trust

Reinforce credibility
Consume Media Atlanta Video Production Services Increase Sales with Video Marketing

Create Champions

Provide continuous value