The Power of Animation Templates

June 10, 2022

What’s an Animation Template?

If your company has several different features or products within your service, an animation template might be perfect for you. Animation templates allow one main set of graphics and animations to be duplicated and tweaked for different products you’d like to highlight.

This allows for the quick creation of multiple videos for your products/services with consistent branding. Plus, these videos are perfect for your product features web pages.

Popmenu Product Update Series

We recently created a Product Update Series with our friends at Popmenu, designed to be high-level and fast-paced.

All five videos have different accent colors and graphics to correlate with the respective products, but every video has the same flow and style.

Terminus Experience Series

For Terminus, we created a Product Experience Series, designed with different modules we could mix and match for different videos. The overarching template contained different user interfaces and accent colors depending on the product.

The Terminus videos were slightly more in-depth than the Popmenu videos, but both were created to be awareness pieces with long shelf lives. 

Animation templates save time and money because we don’t have to start from scratch for each video. Want to learn more? Let’s chat!

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