AHS Residential Spotlight

May 20, 2022

AHS Residential

We have some new friends named AHS Residential! AHS is a development company from South Florida working on building a new community in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, which also happens to be where Consume Media is located.

They had a specific goal, get the votes at city council to change the zoning ordinance from commercial to mixed-use so they could build their residential, commercial, and retail space.

The Video

The purpose of the video was to highlight what this new project entails and why it’s beneficial to the community – both economically and environmentally.

AHS had a tight deadline. They were able to provide us with the 3D rendering of the future development, but Consume had just weeks to script the video, capture footage around Peachtree Corners, create graphics, and piece everything together in post-production to create the final video.

Did it Work?

And… drum roll please… it worked! City council voted yes!

Now, we are almost finished with our second project with AHS and look forward to a future of creating content together.