6 Teams That Should Use Video

May 13, 2022

Your Team Needs Video.

Whether you are on your brand team, demand gen, or product team, video can help you succeed. You might think that video is limited to a few teams within your organization; however, video can be used in ways you may have never even thought of. The possibilities are endless.  

Here are 6 teams within your org that should consider using video to their advantage:

Demand Generation Team

The first way your demand gen team can be using video is through thought leadership content. This is video content that you can put on Youtube, your blog, or website to help increase your SEO. Another way is through paid advertising. Video content tends to perform better than static ads, so consider using video ads on social, OTT, and in other digital spaces.

Brand Team

The brand team is responsible for bringing the message to the market, and what better way to do it than with video? A common use of video for brand teams are high-end product explainer videos, often displayed on their homepage. These videos are used to explain why people should learn and use your product.

Product Team

If you are constantly rolling out new functions and features, this one’s for you. When your product is changing, it is important to let your customers know. Product videos can be very useful in helping inform your customers and prospects about any changes to your product. These same videos can also be used by your partnerships and integrations teams.

Customer Success Team

Keeping your customers happy is key to running a successful business. With customer success videos, like How-to videos and onboarding videos, you will be able to help your customers on the back end which will help lead to greater satisfaction.

Sales Team

When it comes to selling your product or service, the sales team will be able to use any of the material created for the other teams. One piece of content you should always have at your disposal is client testimonial videos. Testimonials are a strong way to help close a deal and have a high success rate.

People Ops Team

Employer branding is as important as ever. We are seeing organizations use video content on Glassdoor, hiring platforms, and other avenues to show potential talent what their company is about. After hiring, onboarding videos are also crucial to bringing talent along quickly and getting them adjusted to their new position and environment.

What Can’t Video Do?

Now that you know more about the different teams that can be using video within your organization, consider how video might be able to help you! Want to learn more? Let’s Chat!