3 Ways To Optimize Your Website With Video

May 27, 2022

Your Website Is Always On

No matter what time of day, your website is one of the only parts of your company that is always on. Whether you are wanting to attract people to your brand, engage potential prospects, or delight your existing customers, having quality video content throughout your website can help.  

Here are three ways that you can use video on your website:

Home Page

The homepage is one of the most impactful places for video . Videos on your homepage can help draw attention to your brand and is a quick way to catch the viewer’s eye. Common types of videos featured on home pages are brand videos, product explainers, and overview videos. This product overview we created with AvidXchange is featured on their homepage to help viewers understand their product from a high level. :

Product/Features Page

Your product might be complicated, but videos can make it easier to understand. Product demos and product explainers that visually show what your product can do are very beneficial in helping convert prospects into buyers. One of our favorite examples is this product explainer we created with Calendly:


Lastly, testimonials are important for your website because they help the buyer see themselves using your product. Hearing and seeing testimonials from people who have benefited from your product or service can help alleviate hesitation. T Whether they’re filmed in person or over Zoom, testimonial videos allow your customers to be your champions.

Video Makes Your Website

Video can drastically improve the performance of your website and your brand. On average, having video on your website will increase the time spent on a site by almost three minutes, even if the video is only 30 seconds. While these three pages are important to have quality video on, they are also not the only options. Want to learn more about how you can optimize your website with video? Let’s Chat!

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