2023 Consume Media Recap

December 11th, 2023
This is a photo of the write of this blog, Corben Surio
Title card for Corben Surio
The 2023 Consume Media recap is here! Marking another year in business, we had a lot to celebrate. From new additions to the team to marriages and everything in between, Consume had an action packed year.

Here’s the breakdown:

The New


Consume Media added a handful of wonderful clients this year, including Reibus, Scoop, ScienceExchange, Beamery, Truelio, Benelynk, LexisNexis, and so many more. We are so grateful for all of our clients, new and existing, who give us the opportunity to tell their stories.

Not only did we welcome new customers, we added three new employees in Annalynne Talbert, our talented graphic designer, Dara Watson, our amazing project manager and Lydia Rosenberg, our fantastic head of sales.

The Firsts

We also had a lot of firsts in 2023. The team traveled to Mexico for our first international production with Ashby which then became our longest video ever produced at 75 minutes. In addition to our firsts, we had our largest event production to date with Lineage/PrizePicks. To add to our list, Consume Media filmed on an LED wall for the first time, showing us that there is always something new to learn and try.

Having a lot of firsts is amazing for the client side, but we stepped up on the internal side too. We created a record amount of internal content for our marketing initiatives, reinforcing what Consume Media is all about, telling stories, you may have seen some of these projects pop up on our social media. To highlight a couple, we launched Marketing Mavericks, Consume Media’s new vlogcast that covers all things marketing and Show and Tell, where our incredible team get to show off the work they put into their projects.

The Notable

Though they don’t fall into a neat and concise category, these accomplishments are still noteworthy. In 2023, Consume signed and executed approximately 100 projects, we had our second ever company retreat, surpassed 50 five star reviews on Google and made it on the Bulldog 100 list for the 3rd and 4th year in a row!

Company accomplishments weren’t the only thing to celebrate, love was in the air all year long. There were two marriages, Leo Falkenstein and Lindsay Baratelle and two engagements, Corben Surio and Landon Yarborough!

Looking Ahead

It’s always exciting to remember the past year’s accomplishments.This year was a big one for Consume Media and we’re so grateful we were able to grow our family and achieve all that we did. As for 2024, we have a lot of exciting projects and ideas we can’t wait to execute and share, so of course, let’s have some fun!

P.S. Stay tuned for new content about upcoming trends for video and design in the new year!