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What’s up, Aaron and Faraz!

It was great meeting y’all in person!  We’re excited about all the future opportunities with Treehouse Holdings and look forward to getting to know both of you better in the process.  Here are some more examples of our work for you to check out…

Brand Video

Advanced Urology

Here’s a look at the Brand Video we created for Advanced Urology.  We really enjoyed working with the Advanced Urology team on a number of projects, and this Brand Video serves a great overview of the entire business while giving the viewer that personal connection to Dr. Patel & Dr. Mally.


About the Hospital

Eastside Medical Center

This is a video we did for another one of our client’s in the medical field, Eastside Medical Center.  This is a very different style and feel than the Advanced Urology videos, which really just proves that we can adjust to the needs of each client we work with!  You’ll notice we do some cool things with still images in this video and added a lot of call-outs with graphics to highlight specific stats the hospital wanted to show off.



Erectile Dysfunction

Advanced Urology

And why not end our tour on a high note with this video about erectile dysfunction!  Of course, not a subject many people want to watch a video about, but I actually think we created a clever and humorous way to talk about an awkward topic.  Another example of our ability to do it all here at Consume Media!

Hope you enjoyed these examples, and we are really looking forward to creating some cool projects for ExamMed, HumazeMD, and possibly more in the future!

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