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What’s up, Maya!

Really happy Perry connected us before he was out the door, and congrats to you on the new gig!  I’m an old friend of Jaron’s as well and I also bought a ring for my fiancee there just a few months ago- so I know Solomon Brothers pretty well and can say you work with some good people.

I’m excited to share some of Consume Media’s work with you today.  My only goals at this point are to provide you with some cool examples of our work, learn from you what your marketing goals are for the year, and see if there’s a way Consume could help Solomon Brothers with a Video Marketing Strategy!

2018 Highlight Reel
Consume Media

Here’s a quick look at some of Consume Media’s highlights from 2018!  As you’ll see, we’ve worked with a wide variety of clients and we’re proud of the Video Marketing Campaigns we put together last year!  We also produced a Super Bowl Commercial for Georgia Farm Bureau that was completed in January; so it didn’t quite make this reel!

Lifestyle Content
Style This with Mud Pie

Mud Pie is a lifestyle brand and one of their main focuses is women’s clothing. Always looking for ways to delight their customers, Mud Pie wanted a video that showed their customer versatile ways to style their Mud Pie clothing. Video is the perfect fun, engaging medium for the Style This series!

This was shot in our production studio in Peachtree Corners.  I could definitely see us having some fun with Solomon Brothers and showing off your different product lines in our studio!  

Mud Pie
Here’s a 20 second video we made specifically for Mud Pie’s social media channels.  The human attention span is incredibly small these days, therefore it’s important to capture people’s attention and get your message across quickly!

We could highlight a lot of jewelry in 20 seconds!  I could see us doing a lot of these videos to show off Solomon Brothers’ new line of products each season.

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