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I put together this pricing page to give you some different options to think about as we begin to discuss a Video Marketing Strategy for Solomon Brothers.  I’ve included some examples of past work we’ve done for clients and explained the pricing breakdown for each.  Check it out, and when you’re done let’s schedule some time to talk again and see what direction we want to go!

Product Video

Genesis Connected Solutions

This product video for Genesis was shot at Consume Media’s studio in Peachtree Corners.  You’ll see products filmed from several unique angles, along with some added graphic callouts to provide additional information.  Capturing such a variety of shots like this does take some extra time, but the detail we’re able to capture was worth it for this project (and could potentially be worth it to Solomon Brothers).

Shooting in our studio requires the least amount of setup/breakdown time for our crew and allows us to be the most efficient with our day.  That efficiency enables us to charge less to shoot in-studio than to shoot anywhere else.  The customized graphics do add some time to the post-production process.

Price of this project: General pre-production + Full Day shoot in studio + Customized Graphics in post = $10,000 for 5-6 of these videos.

360 Videos

Mud Pie

Here is another in-studio project we did for Mud Pie.  These 360 videos are super simple and we generally are able to shoot about 40 different short (15-20s) 360 videos in a day!

Price of this projcet: General pre-production + Full production day in-studio + Post-Production Talent = $10,000-$12,000 for 40 of these videos.

We also provided approximately 1 Still & 1 Gif per video for an extra $750.

Mud Pie

A Studio isn’t always the best place to show off your product, especially when going for a lifestyle feel.  For this Mud Pie social series, there were some added costs such as a location scout, talent & location fees. All-in-all Consume was able to shoot 8 different 15-20s videos in one day of shooting.

Price of this project: Extensive Pre-Production + Full Day of Production + Talent & Location fees = $12,000 for 8-10 of these 15-20s videos.

We also provided approximately 1 Still & 1 Gif per video for an extra $250.

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