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We’re Consume Media, a Video Marketing Agency that delivers high-quality video along with a Video Marketing Strategy to our clients.  We’ve curated some of our previous work for you that filled gaps for our other clients and that we think could be hugely beneficial to Sibley Heart Center Cardiology!

Video Marketing Strategy

Cardiovascular Group

So what does a Video Marketing Strategy actually look like?  We break down our strategy for one of our clients, Cardiovascular Group, in this short video.

At Consume Media, we build personalized strategies for each of clients to ensure we’re meeting their specific business goals!

Patient Profile

Hemophilia of Georgia

This was one video in a series of Patient Profiles we produced as a fundraising campaign for Hemophilia of Georgia.  The project started as a video to recap their annual golf tournament. We then broke that video down into several of these profiles to make sure they got the most bang of their buck out of one production day.

At Consume Media, we are constantly looking for ways to help our clients stretch their budgets! Thats why we always start with Strategy before Production. We often add Still Images, GIFs, and Micro-Videos to your strategy to ensure you achieve your goals.


Patient Testimonial

Advanced Urology

Here is a Patient Testimonial we shot for Advanced Urology.  Overactive Bladder is not anyone’s favorite subject to talk about, but we think that makes this video all the more impactful!  When you hear a patient willing to talk about an embarrassing condition and how Advanced Urology helped, it really leaves a lasting impression.

Customer or Patient Testimonials are something we at Consume have done a lot of now, as we’ve found our clients get a lot of use out of them for various promotions.  Reading the testimonials on CHOA’s website can be a powerful thing, but imagine putting a face to those words and the extra emotion you can capture with video.  The human brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text, so your messaging is much more likely to get through to your audience with video!

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