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We’ve curated some of our previous work for you to show off the high production quality you’ll get from Consume Media when we put together a Video Marketing Strategy for SalesLoft.

Consume’s 2018 Reel

Consume Media

Here’s a quick look at some of Consume Media’s highlights from 2018!  As you’ll see, we’ve worked with a wide variety of clients and we’re proud of the Video Marketing Campaigns we put together last year!  We also produced a Super Bowl Commercial for Georgia Farm Bureau that was completed in January; so it didn’t quite make this reel!

Customer Testimonial

Terminus Software

Here is the latest Customer Testimonial that we’ve produced for our client Terminus.  In this video you’ll see Terminus working side by side with their client, Pramata, as we hear Pramata’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing talk about how Terminus has helped their business.

Jordan described Terminus as a cousin company to SalesLoft which is really cool!  We’ve been by Terminus’ side as they’ve grown from a 30 person business to 200+ people today, and we continue to create video for them on a monthly basis.

Another Testimonial

Terminus Software

Terminus has told us this video has brought some leads back from the dead!

I’m adding in another Customer Testimonial here because this is the first type of video I would recommend doing for SalesLoft!  We’ve found Customer Testimonials to be a great marketing tool for our clients and a ‘must have’ for software companies looking to explain why their product/services will make their potential clients better.  These videos are so much more memorable than simply putting a quote from a customer on your website, and they give your marketing team something they can steer new prospects to that they know will leave a lasting impression.

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