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Hello Michael & Pollock Commercial

We’ve put together some examples of our work for you to explain differences in pricing per project: 

Company Overview Video

Frenik Marketing Group

Frenik wanted a video to highlight their services and expertise in marketing.  We were able to capture all of the footage and interviews in one day which kept their costs down, and they also didn’t feel the need to add any graphics or animation to this particular video.  Single location, one day shoot, with no graphics- this video came out to $6,000.

About the Hospital

Eastside Medical Center

In this video, I want Pollock to just take note of the graphic callouts and the voice over as two things we could potentially add to your video.  We talked about what the next level could look like, and these are a few features you can add to help tell your story.  These features would add between $1,000-$1,500 to your total cost.

Customer Testimonial

Hotel Effectiveness

This customer testimonial took a couple days of shooting to capture.  Hotel Effectiveness wanted some higher-end custom designed graphic callouts to highlight quotes and particular stats from their customer.  These graphics added a bit of extra time to the editing process which is why this single video costs around $10,000.

However, Hotel Effectiveness packaged this video together with 5 others to help get their cost per video down.  When we package videos, we’re able to plan ahead and shoot for various projects on the same day as well as create graphics that are transferrable across multiple projects which drives down the cost per video.

Pollock’s Pricing Estimate:

Like we discussed, every project is different!  From what we talked about, it sounds like you guys would be interested in creating a Company Overview Video that would highlight who you are, what services you offer, and what you’ve accomplished so far.  At the moment, I think we might want to go to a few locations to show off your properties and some of your success stories as well as capturing interviews with your team.  Because of the potential need for multiple locations, my best guess (just a guess) would be we need to budget between $6,500-$7,500 for the Company Overview video.

However, if we decided to plan for a Customer Testimonial Video as well I think we’d be able to give you more bang for your buck.  We would plan to shoot a testimonial interview or two on the same day we shoot interviews with your team and then you’re just adding some additional editing costs.  I believe we could produce both videos for around $10,000.

Of course this is all just an estimate based off our intitial conversation.  Hopefully the examples give you some ideas of what you want your video to be, and I look forward to dicsusing your vision more as we decide what plan is best for Pollock! 

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