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Hello Martin Concrete!

We’ve put together some examples of our work that relate to your orientation video and will explain how we reached the proposed budget you’ll see at the bottom:

Investor Video


We wanted to show you this investor video we shot for Takedown as an example of how we used a teleprompter in the past.  Since you’re planning for a 30-45 minute video with loads of information that needs to be included (and possibly multiple languages), we think it’s best to script the entire video out and plan to use a teleprompter during the shoot.  

This will require more hours in pre-production to create a final script before shooting, but we’ll save time in post-production as we can follow the script instead of piecing together improvised answers to questions. 


Sales Presentation Video

Mud Pie

This Mud Pie Sales Presentation Video relates to what we want to do for Martin Concrete in a few ways.  It was a fully scripted video that took 4 production days to shoot.  We spent some of those production days capturing specific b-roll to help tell the story.  The video also came out to 40 mins in length.

This aligns with our initial thoughts for the orientation video.  We’re estimating 4-6 days of production to capture all the b-roll and interviews we need (minimum 2 days for interviews and 2 days for b-roll).  The 40 min script for this project gives us a good estimation on how long scripting and editing should take for your video (see final estimate at the bottom).

Franchisee Video

Sola Salons

This Sola Solon video will give you an idea of some of the newer graphics and animations our team has produced.  At this point but we’re not sure what kind of graphic callouts or lower thirds you’re looking for, but we wanted to give you an idea of our capabilities and potential costs to add these graphics.

Keep scrolling down to see your proposed budget! 

[ price estimate ]

Budget Range


Sub-total: $2,750-$3,000

  • Location Scouts (full day) – $1,000
  • Scripting (full day) – $1,000
  • Shot lists – $500
  • Translations – $250 – $500


Sub-total: $12,000-$18,000

  • 4-6 days of shooting
    • 2 days for interviews
    • 2-4 days for b-roll


Sub-total: $10,000-$15,000

  • 80-120 Hours

Additional Fees

Sub-total: $1,500-$2,000

  • Music
  • File storage
  • English & Spanish subtitles

Total Budget Range


Travel Fees Not Included (only if we need to drive more than 3 hours to a location)

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