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What’s up, LevelEleven!

We’ve put together some pricing options with example videos for each option:

Option #1:

Video w/No Graphics

This is an older version of a Customer Testimonial video we did for Terminus a few years ago.  High-quality footage and b-roll tell the story without any animations or graphic callouts.  The only graphic you’ll see is a lower third with the interviewees’ names.  To do 2 of these videos would cost $11,750 + Travel.

Option #2:

Video w/Few Graphics

Same awesome footage captured, and then we would add 1-2 graphic callouts custom designed for LevelEleven to highlight certain features of your platform or a quote from your client.  This option for 2 videos would cost $12,750 + Travel.

Option #3:

Video w/High-End Graphics

Last and probably least appealing to your budget is the new Terminus style customer testimonial with really high-end customized animations and graphic callouts.  This option for 2 videos would cost $15,000 + Travel.

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