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What’s up, Angela & Sam!

We’re Consume Media, a Video Marketing Agency that delivers high-quality video along with a Video Marketing Strategy to our clients.  We’ve curated some of our previous work for you that filled gaps for our other clients and that we think could be hugely beneficial to KickFire!

A Little About Us

Consume Media

Here’s a brief video to tell you a little bit more about who we are.  At Consume Media, we take the time to learn about our clients and help them figure out how to use Video to reach their specific business goals!  For that reason, we’re more than just another video production company; we’re a Video Marketing Agency

Brand Video

2U Laundry

2U Laundry is a fairly new company that needed a brand video to get the word out about their laundry pickup & delivery service in a way that left an impression on their target audience.  They came to us with a rough script and storyboard and asked us to bring their vision to life, and this awesome video was the result!

One thing that was important to the 2ULaundry team was video formatting.  They wanted several different types of formats including a landscape video for their website, square video for Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn (square video takes up 78% more screen space than landscape video on mobile devices) and vertical video for their Instagram story. 

Services Video: Kidney Stones

Advanced Urology

This video for Advanced Urology is one in a series of videos Consume Media produced to highlight a few of the services they specialize in.  We decided to take a humorous approach to talk about some not so comfortable topics such as kidney stones, overactive bladder, and erectile dysfunction. 

Consume Media’s creative team handled everything on this project from scripting, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, and of course all of the post-production.  We used the same lead actor as our antagonist in each video representing a new medical condition so that the videos would have a cohesive feel.  

Brand Video

Accountants One

Accountants One is a recruiting firm for accountants, and they were looking for a fun way to explain what they do and the approach they take to recruiting.  It was important to A1 to create something that grabs your attention right away but also gets the message across of how they focus on a ‘culture fit’ when recruiting.

This is another video that Consume Media helped conceptualize from start to finish.  We saved some money by getting some A1 employees as well as some members of the Consume Media team to be our star actors for this one!

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