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Hello Hotel Effectiveness!

We’ve put together some examples of our work (and other people’s work) for you. Our goal with this page is to explain the differences in pricing per project.  Enjoy, and please reach out with any thoughts or questions!

Brand Video

Accountants One

Accountants One wanted an out-of-the-box & humorous video to bring awareness to their brand clients.  Pre-production took some time with this project, as Consume Media needed to storyboard, location scout, write a script and create a detailed shot list.  We were able to shoot everything in one production day and in post-production, we didn’t add any graphics or animation (outside of the logo).  We did have a decent amount of hard costs, including hiring actors, a voiceover artist, buying props, and renting a location for a day.

Full Pre-production services + 1 Day of Production + standard post-production +  Hard Costs are why this video came out to around $12,000 (including $3,000 of hard costs)

Services video

Advanced Urology

This Services Video is another good example of a short explainer video we’ve done in the past.  This project had a similar budget to the above example (Accountants One).  Pre-production involved a lot of scripting and this video also required more time for casting, as we needed to find the perfect guy for the lead role. We also ran into location rental fees, similar to Accountants One.  Post-production was similar with limited graphic callouts.

Full Pre-production services + 1 Day of Production + Standard Editing + Hard Costs for this video = $12,500

Brand Video


WE DIDN’T PRODUCE THIS VIDEO, but we love using it as an example because it’s fun, well done, and we’re big fans of Slack ourselves!  This video has a lot of cool graphics thrown in to bring some life to it, and I think Hotel Effectiveness could benefit from doing the same.

We’ve also used this video as the creative inspiration behind a product video we’re currently working on for Terminus (I hope to be able to share with you soon).

For the Terminus/Slack-inspired Video: Full Pre-production services + 1 Day of Production + ample time in Post for graphic callouts & motion graphics + Campaign Optimization Tools + Hard Costs = $16,000


Product Explainer


WE DID NOT CREATE THIS VIDEO EITHER.  However, we do enjoy getting inspiration from others, and this video is a great example of what a high-end product explainer video could look like.  They got a great actress to walk us through ‘a day in the life’ of using TripCase’s app as we see very cool yet subtle graphics in the background.

We haven’t priced out a video like this before, but it’s safe to assume that it would have cost upwards of $20,000-$25,000

[price estimate]

Budget Range

So we wanted to give you a breakdown of what your budget could look like for this Product Explainer video. We’d like to take this video to the next-level (past Accountants One and Advanced Urology) as your ideal customer profile is more sophisticated.

At the low-end ($15,000 range), we may be sacrificing something.  For example, we may be limited to one location, we may not be able to add advanced motion graphics, or we may be limited on what we can spend on hard costs.  On the high-end at $30,000, you’ll have room in the budget for everything you’ve seen above- including full pre-production, professional actors, graphic callouts, and of course all the campaign optimization tools you’ll ever need!


Sub-total: $2,000 – $4,000

More budget allows more time for location scouts, scripting, and overall creativity.


  • Location Scouts: $1,000-$2,000
  • Scripting: $500-$1,500
  • Shot lists: $500


Sub-total: $3,000 – $6,000

More budget allows for more variety in footage capture.


  • 1-2 days of shooting (2 days if shooting multiple locations)


Sub-total: $7,500 – $15,000

More budget allows for higher-end motion graphics.


  • 60-120 hours

Additional Fees

Sub-total: $2,500 – $5,000

More budget allows for higher production value.


  • Music
  • Actors
  • Locations
  • File storage

Total Budget Range


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