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Hello Rachel & Greenlight

We’re Consume Media, a Video Marketing Agency that delivers high-quality video along with custom Video Marketing Strategies to our clients.  We’ve curated some of our previous work for you that filled gaps for our other clients and that we think could be hugely beneficial to Greenlight Financial Technology!

A Little About Us
Consume Media
Here’s a brief video to tell you a little bit more about who we are and what we do.  At Consume Media, we take the time to learn about our clients and help them figure out how to use Video to reach their specific business goals!

Customer testimonial

Terminus Software

We’ve learned that almost every one of our clients can benefit from a customer testimonial! This customer testimonial for Terminus highlights how their client, Phononic, has utilized their software to effectively reach their target audience.

Customer Testimonials are something we at Consume have done a lot of now, as we’ve found our clients get a lot of use out of them for various promotions.  In Greenlight’s case, what could be a better marketing tool than a parent and a child both on camera together talking about why they love the Greenlight debit card?!

Parent Testimonial


Here’s an example of a Parent Testimonial we’ve produced in the past.  This video for Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students (GEEARS) was relatively low budget compared to the Terminus video above.  No fancy graphics in this one, just a mother telling her story of why GEEARS has been great for her son. 

I could see us doing a mix of what you see in the Terminus testimonial and this GEEARS testimonial for Greenlight.  I’d imagine us using some cool graphics to highlight the app and technology behind the debit card, but we’ll also let a parent drive the narrative as you see here. Just one idea of what we could do for Greenlight to kickoff a Video Marketing Campaign! 

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