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We’re Consume Media, a Video Marketing Agency that delivers high-quality video along with a Video Marketing Strategy to our clients.  We’ve curated some of our previous work for you that filled gaps for our other clients and that we think could be hugely beneficial to LBA Hospitality!

Overview video
Atlanta Convention Center
Last year we had the opportunity to work with the newly renovated Atlanta Convention Center. They needed fresh content to show off their space, so we created an Overview video.

We were able to capture some great beauty shots of the facility, interviews with their clients, and added in call-outs to help tell the story.

General Capabilities
Consume Media 2018 Reel
We’re very proud of the high-quality video we are able to capture for our clients. Our 2018 Reel showcases some of our favorite footage that we have captured over the past few years.

However, we haven’t had a chance to update our Reel in nearly 9 months! Since then- we’ve added some amazing clients such as Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Georgia Farm Bureau, Advanced Urology, and many more


Terminus is an Account-Based Marketing platform and a leader in the digital marketing community. This customer testimonial video highlights how their client, Pramata, has utilized the Terminus ABM software to effectively reach their target audience.

Customer Testimonials are something we at Consume have done a lot of now, as we’ve found our clients get a lot of use out of them for various promotions.  These could be a great tool for Aprio to build trust with prospective clients!

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