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We’ve curated some of our previous work for you to show off the high production quality you’ll get from Consume Media when we create the Customer Testimonial video for enosiX.

Customer Testimonial

Terminus Software

Here is the latest Customer Testimonial that we’ve produced for our client Terminus.  In this video you’ll see Terminus working side by side with their client, Pramata, as we hear Pramata’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing talk about how Terminus has helped their business.

Another Testimonial

Taste of Atlanta

Taste of Atlanta is an awesome food festival here is town where you can try out a lot of local restaurants.  They have many corporate sponsors they wanted to highlight in a testimonial style video that you see here…

Creative Brief


Last but not least we wanted to resend the Creative Brief we put together for your Customer Testimonial video.  We’re excited about the opportunity to work with y’all and are here to answer any questions you might have.  When you’re ready, book some time with us to chat about the next steps.

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