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Hello Casey and Ansell

We’re Consume Media, a Video Marketing Agency that delivers high-quality video along with custom Video Marketing Strategies to our clients.  We’ve curated some of our previous work for you that filled gaps for our other clients and that we think could be hugely beneficial to Ansell!

A Little About Us
Consume Media
Here’s a brief video to tell you a little bit more about who we are and what we do.  At Consume Media, we take the time to learn about our clients and help them figure out how to use Video to reach their specific business goals!

Company Overview


Filtronetics designs and manufactures custom filters.  They wanted a video to show off their incredibly experiened and knowledgeable team and highlight some of their capabilities.

Filters are centainly not the most interesting subject to a lot of people, but we think were able to capture some great footage and tell the story of why Filtronetics is the industry leader.  Our goal for Ansell’s video would be to repeat this process and establish you as the industry leader as you explain the new ratings system!  We want the video to be informative & educational while also showing off your products and expertise. 

Customer Testimonial


This is a customer testimonial video we did for a company called Cloudleaf.  I’m showing you this so you can see more of our experience shooting in somewhat “uninteresting spaces.”  We were able to get some really cool b-roll none the less to create some visuals for the interview driven story.

It sounds like you want a similar style with Ansell; interview driven with some b-roll and simple callouts to help tell the story.  At the end of the day, it’s about finding ways to capture people’s attention long enough to get your message across! 

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