Should You Use Video Testimonials for Your Business?

October 22, 2018

Video Testimonials Rock

Saying we don’t have a favorite type of video is like a parent saying they don’t have a favorite child – it sounds good and all, but everyone knows that’s bullsh– not true. So though we love all video, favorite type of video is the customer testimonial. Customer testimonial videos take the written testimonial to the next level, and we all know how powerful the written testimonial is.

video testimonials

Why Should You Care?

How many times have you purchased or passed over a product on Amazon simply because of the reviews? Now imagine being able to see and hear the person who’s giving the review, automatically giving you the subconscious ability to relate to the customer. Video production for customer testimonials transcends all industry boundaries.

Here are just a few examples of how our clients are using customer testimonial videos to Crush. Their. Competition.

Testimonials in Healthcare

When choosing a doctor, aren’t you more likely to go with a highly recommended doctor’s office rather than the one you drove by on the way home? That’s the magic of video testimonials!

Most of us don’t love going to the doctor, but seeing a video of someone talking about how easy and comfortable the experience was- that offers peace of mind during the decision making process.

Testimonials in Technology

Terminus is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in our hometown of ATL. As they paved their way as the leaders in the account-based marketing space, they use video production to create testimonials that display real-life examples of their customers’ successful campaigns.

video testimonials

Testimonials for Events

One last example is Taste of Atlanta, an annual bites and bevs fest. Taste of Atlanta uses sponsor testimonials to convert those who may still be on the fence. When making a decision on whether you want a sponsor an event, you want proof that it’s going to be working, and the best way to gain proof is to see and hear from people just like you who thought sponsoring Taste of Atlanta was one of the best decisions that they’ve ever made.

Testimonial Videos Convert

89% of marketers considered customer testimonial videos to be one of the most effective tools in their content marketing toolkit. Help people feel comfortable with your business with customer testimonials.

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