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Landon Yarborough

Digital Marketing Manager

design, facilitate, execute

Defining a

Video Success Manager

A video is only as successful as the strategy behind it.

This is why Consume Media is more than just a Video Production Company.

We’re a Video Marketing Agency.

As a Video Marketing Agency, we provide our clients with a Video Success Manager (VSM) to take you through the journey. Your VSM will make your video campaigns more successful by designing, facilitating, and executing your Video Marketing Strategy.



Design: Custom Video Marketing Strategy

Every Video Marketing Strategy is different, but the first step in our VSM’s process is designing your custom video marketing strategy. Because our VSMs are experts in using video and other media (GIFs, Images, Etc) to optimize your sales, marketing and customer success campaign, we can custom tailor your strategy to fit your specific needs.

Video Marketing Strategy Map

Before we give you all of your assets, we always paint the picture for you. Whether you will be using your content across website, email, social channels, traditionally, or through advertising mediums- we’ll paint you the picture before we ever get started.


Deliverables Overview

This video presentation that outlines each and every deliverable you will be receiving and why each one is important to the success of your campaign. In addition to video- our clients will also receive subtitle files, GIFs, still images, a custom YouTube Optimization Toolkit, and more! Your VSM will be considering your individual needs into when deciding on and creating the deliverables.

Facilitate: Video Success Resources

Once our Video Success Manager designs your Video Marketing Strategy, we help bring it to fruition- by facilitating the process. To do this, we will provide how-to guidance, educational resources and- of course- always be available to answer any questions along the way. There are 3 parts to the facilitation process: onboarding, how-to videos, and a resource/content library.


Consume Media has created a comprehensive, detailed onboarding process that walks our clients through each step of the video creation process. This process is designed to help our clients understand the process better, while providing key insights into helping you understand what success looks like.

How-To Videos

We understand that your video marketing strategy can seem daunting and confusing at first. This is why we have created an entire bank of how-to videos for our clients. These videos break down everything from adding a GIF to an email to uploading subtitles to Facebook.

Content Library

Over the past few years, we have worked diligently to create a large collection of helpful content. From blog posts, to e-books, we have a wide collection of resources that is organized, digestible and ready for you to explore and CONSUME.

Execute: Results-Driven Campaigns

As a Video Marketing Agency, our job is to ensure the success of your campaign. Once we provide our clients with their assets, optimization tools, and resources- it’s time to execute the Video Marketing Strategy. The execution process has 3 components: implementation, audit and improvement.


Executing a video marketing campaign is no-doubt a handful. To suit our clients’ needs for fulfillment and implementation- we offer campaign management services. This includes managing YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia channels, building targetted email campaigns, crafting CTA-oriented social media posts, and much more.


If you are not interested in our campaign management services, we’re still not going to leave you out to dry. Your Video Success Manager will routinely check in to offer feedback, answer questions, and ensure goals are still being met.

Continuous Learning 

Our clients receive a quarterly newsletter to offer new tips and tricks in the world of video marketing. Our minds are always expanding. Technology is always changing. We’re here to take your video marketing to the next level every step of the way.
[ in conclusion ]

Guarantee Your ROI

Video is the future. We would shout that from the mountain tops if we could. In fact, maybe we should go on a team hike soon so we can do just that.

We did some extremely complex math to drive our point home:

No Video Marketing Strategy = Unsuccessful Video Campaign

Video Marketing Strategy + Video Success Manager = Successful Video Campaign

A Video Success Manager helps guarantee ROI. After all, a video is only as successful as the digital strategy behind it.