What is a Video Success Manager?

July 31, 2020

Any video is only as successful as the digital strategy behind it, which is why video marketing strategies are so important. Armed with a strategy, a Video Success Manager helps guide you through the journey of getting the most out of your video content.

Every company is different, so the first step in our video production process is designing your custom video marketing strategy. Because our VSMs are experts in using video to optimize your sales and marketing campaigns, we custom tailor your strategy to fit your specific needs.

Video Marketing Strategy

A video success manager helps to create your video marketing strategy, which is designed to help meet your business goals with video. These strategies generally consist of several videos and span the course of several months. Video Success Managers help to identify whether you need a brand video and digital ads to attract new customers, an explainer video to increase conversions, how-to videos to make your customers’ lives easier, or all three!

Additional Assets

Based on where your videos will live, a video success manager can provide additional assets to help you get the most out of your content.

GIFs from your video can be created to use in email campaigns to increase click-through rate.

Still images from your video can be used on social media or across your website.

Subtitle files can be used across multiple platforms to ensure your message gets across with and without sound.


Perhaps the biggest perk to having a video success manager is the guidance, tips, and tricks from a video production expert.

Never used a GIF in an email before? A VSM can help.

Having trouble natively uploading your video to Facebook? A VSM can help.

At Consume Media, we’ve created a large bank of helpful and digestible blogs, how-to videos, and other resources.

Once you’ve started using your videos, a video success manager can audit your content to offer further tips, like sending you a LinkedIn message if she notices you forgot to add subtitles to your video.

Help Guarantee ROI

Having a video success manager is like having an extension of your team who is a video marketing expert. A VSM helps you execute your video marketing strategy and meet your business goals with video.

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