Creative, hilarious, & humble

We are the Consume Media Team

And we are passionate about video.

[ co-founder / executive producer ]

Leo Falkenstein

Leo is our co-founder and executive producer. From start to finish, Leo ensures your vision comes to fruition. If Leo isn’t listening to Grateful Dead at all times, the universe gets misaligned. He has played hockey (basically) since birth and his life long goal is bringing the Thrashers back to Atlanta. 

[ co-founder / creative director ]

Michael Rosenberg

Michael is our co-founder and Creative Director. Michael can take any client’s vision and bring it to life. It’s practically magic. He also loves Atlanta sports, which has caused a life of anguish and disappointment. Fortunately, he is a devoted dog dad to Amber, which keeps him going.

[ lead editor ]

Louis Galanti

Louis is our editing wizard. His editing flow is like no other. His most common phrases are “so I was reading a thread on Reddit…” and “Gary Vee says…” Outside of work, Louis is also a stand-up comedian and food-pun t-shirt designer, and is pretty awesome at both if we do say so ourselves.

[ producer & director ]

R Dale Harper

R Dale is our producer and director. That’s right, his first name is R Dale. And the R doesn’t stand for anything- it’s literally just R. People call him the Spielberg of corporate video. Dale loves nothing more than good movies, chicken wings, and showing people pictures of his cats.

[ editor & camera operator ]

Jason Tye

Not only is Jason a talented editor, but he’s also a fantastic camera operator- we got lucky! When he’s not on set, Jason enjoys nothing more than a nice, crisp Yoo-hoo, car culture, and building computers. As the youngest member of the Consume team, we affectionately refer to Jason as “the boy.” 

[ customer success manager ]

Landon Yarborough

We call her Lando Calrissian, even though she’s never actually seen Star Wars. As our Customer Success Manager, Landon helps our customers digitally distribute and market their videos. It may look like she’s dancing with a hamburger, but she’s vegan and that’s actually a veggie burger.

[ video strategy consultant ]

Reid Shapiro

Reid is our video strategy consultant (that’s code for sales). He helps you decide what videos will help you reach your business goals. Outside of 9-5, Reid enjoys Georgia football and playing massive quantities of video games. His fiancé is a lucky lady.

[ president ]

Amber the Dog

Amber is a founding member of Consume Media. She is our adorable office dog and she can make any day brighter, but she does not care about you unless you have food and are willing to share #mood.

[ we love our ]

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